Parish council Zoom ​star Jackie Weaver:​ ‘​I got a number of emails from “Alan’s iPad” but ignored them​’​ | Books- Tempemail

Jackie Weaver, 63, is the engagingly improbable internet star who found herself on a fast track to fame when a Zoom meeting of the Handforth parish council meeting, which she was overseeing, went viral. Her calm banishment of troublesome and shouty men, along with her humour, has won many admirers. Continue Reading

Love Island star Amy Hart says she had online death threat from 13-year-old | Online abuse- Tempemail

Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart has said her online abusers are often married people with children or in jobs like nursing, and that she received a death threat from a 13-year-old child. Hart, who was giving evidence to a committee of MPs investigating influencer culture, said she had 3,000 Continue Reading

Billie, Lorde, Lizzo: has being a female pop star in 2021 become unbearable? | Billie Eilish- Tempemail

The mechanisms of pop stardom have never been subject to as much scrutiny as they are now. Britney Spears’ conservatorship struggle exposed their potential for (alleged) abuse. Raye recently split from her major label, Polydor, after she reached breaking point and shared her frustrations about not being allowed to release Continue Reading

TikTok star Anthony Barajas dies after California movie theater shooting | California- Tempemail

A young TikTok star who was on life support after he and a friend were shot at a southern California movie theater has died, police and his family said. Anthony Barajas, 19, was watching The Forever Purge at a theater in Corona with Rylee Goodrich, 18, on Monday when they Continue Reading

Britney Spears fans confused as pop star shares same topless photo on Instagram- Tempemail

Britney Spears fans have been left confused after the pop star shared the exact same topless photo on Instagram three times. The latest post was shared on Tuesday 27 July, after the previous two were apparently deleted. The image shows Spears in a pair of Daisy Dukes, with her head Continue Reading

The positivity problem: why online star ratings are too good to be true | Life and style

Researchers have found that reviews on websites like Yelp and Amazon are overwhelmingly positive – something they believe renders star ratings unreliable. A new study published in Nature has shown that upwards of 80% of online reviews rate items with four or five stars. That creates what they’ve termed the Continue Reading

Shadow and Bone star Jessie Mei Li: ‘Fans find out everything’ | Television- Tempemail

Jessie Mei Li currently inhabits a weird stratum of celebrity. At 25 years old, her biggest screen credit to date has been a single episode of the Channel 5 docudrama Banged Up Abroad. She hasn’t worked for a year. And yet, at the same time, a growing portion of the Continue Reading

Racist trolls may think they own Star Wars, but the saga’s diversity issues are not cut and dried | Film- Tempemail

It’s ironic that Star Wars, perhaps the ultimate tale of good triumphing over evil, has become embroiled in the current culture wars. George Lucas’s original trilogy is as universally adored as Brothers Grimm fairytales, the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or the songs of the Beatles. Finding out that it Continue Reading

Rishi Sunak has turned into a social media star, but who is he trying to influence? | Marie Le Conte | Opinion- Tempemail

“I’m sure this budget will look better on Instagram,” said Keir Starmer in the Commons on Wednesday. “In fact, this week’s PR video cost the taxpayer so much, I was half expecting to see a line in the OBR forecast for it.” The quip was aimed at Rishi Sunak, the Continue Reading

Drag Race star Sister Sister: ‘One troll described how he’d like to see me die’ | Reality TV- Tempemail

It’s 9:31am, I’m on my second coconut iced latte of the morning and reading my 13th piece of hate mail, neither of which will have a positive effect on my mind or my body, but I go for it anyway. A few weeks ago, one coffee was enough to get Continue Reading