How to Start an E-commerce Business and Become the Best of the Best in Just Three Sprints- Tempemail

I’d like to start with an observation post lock-down before diving in this blog post’s subject – launching an e-commerce business. Sometime ago, I went out for a drink with some friends, after a few weeks of quarantine. Despite the social distancing, I had one of the most delicious beers Continue Reading

Westpac to start consolidating bank ops onto new core network within weeks – Finance – Networking- Tempemail

Westpac will kick off the third and final phase of its long-running core network transformation within weeks, when it starts migrating all its different business units to run off the new single core. The core network transformation is one of two major programs of work run out of the bank’s Continue Reading

Sasol to Start Cutting Jobs in August Amid Global Oil Price Slump | Tempemail

Sourced from BizNews. Sasol is set to begin employee dismissals from mid-August in efforts to cut costs in a new strategy aimed at boosting its balances. This comes after the company was battered by the general decline in oil prices as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. According to Continue Reading

LinkedIn Essentials: How to Start and Scale – Social Cast Ep. 25

If your business isn’t present on LinkedIn yet, hurry up before you’re too late! The professional networking platform has recently experienced a surge in popularity as LinkedIn welcomes 675 million monthly users. LinkedIn provides both businesses and professionals a platform to network and stay updated on market trends, and it’s a Continue Reading

Google offices to gradually start reopening – Strategy – Finance- Tempemail

Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Tuesday it would reopen buildings in more cities at roughly 10 percent of their capacity beginning July 6 and scale it up to 30 percent in September, if conditions permit. Google and its peer Facebook had allowed their employees to work from home in early March Continue Reading

Netflix to Start Cancelling Inactive Customer Subscriptions | Tempemail

Sourced from Getty Images. Netflix says it will begin to ask customers who have not watched anything on the on-demand video streaming service in a year or more if they wish to maintain their subscription — and will cancel their membership if it does not hear back. The company says Continue Reading

Broadband tax start date delayed to January 2021 – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Long-delayed legislation for a broadband tax on non-NBN Co operated fixed line services has finally passed parliament, ending an three-year saga that was interrupted by last year’s election. But the tax is now slated to begin on 1 January 2021, instead of 1 July 2020, after the federal government secured Continue Reading

Are we at the start of a CTV boom in APAC?- Tempemail

Video viewership is on the rise, but so is the fragmentation of viewership, fueled by increasing choices around what content to watch, and when and how to watch that content.  Publishers and advertisers can no longer rely on a single platform reach and engage viewers with the scale and success of years past. Cross-platform video strategies are now Continue Reading

The Last of Us Part II delayed by coronavirus – is this the start of a trend? | Games

On Thursday night, Sony announced via its PlayStation Twitter feed that the long-awaited post-apocalyptic adventure sequel The Last of Us Part II will be delayed indefinitely. “Logistically,” the message read, “the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” The game’s developer, Naughty Dog, posted Continue Reading