How Tech Companies have Managed to Stay Relevant during COVID-19 – Tempemail

COVID-19 has redefined what we previously deemed as normal in all aspects of our lives. It has thrusted digital transformation to the forefront of the business arena and shown that if you cannot innovate and adapt to this new norm, then the end is imminent. How consumers engage with businesses Continue Reading

Buying Tech Gadgets To Stay Productive As You Work From Home – Tempemail

When the world’s biggest work-from-home experiment started at the beginning of the year, no one thought it would stay around for so long. Unbelievably, a large number of companies plan to make it a permanent arrangement. Most of them will have to continue it for a foreseeable future. The bottom Continue Reading

Judge grants Uber and Lyft temporary stay, averting shutdown of California services | Lyft

A California judge has granted Uber and Lyft a temporary stay, heading off a shutdown by the two platforms at the last minute in an ongoing case that would require the ride-hailing giants to classify drivers as employees. Lyft and Uber have been awaiting a landmark decision from a court Continue Reading

How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division by Elif Shafak review – a poignant look back at another age | Books- Tempemail

Two of the most intriguing walk-on characters in Elif Shafak’s How to Stay Sane are the little Egyptian girl named “Facebook” by her parents in that brief, optimistic phase of the Arab spring – and another baby given the name “Like” in Israel just a few months later. They are Continue Reading

Huawei has ‘clear conditions’ to stay involved in UK 5G – Networking- Tempemail

Huawei has clear conditions to meet for Britain to continue to allow its involvement in the development of 5G telecoms infrastructure, Britain’s health minister said on Sunday, after a report that the firm would be banned from the project. Officials are drawing up proposals to stop installing Huawei Technologies equipment Continue Reading

Stay Ahead of Threats With Hacker-Powered Retesting- Tempemail

Vulnerabilities that go undetected can pose a serious threat to your business. Identifying critical bugs is only the first step in reducing such risk. As organizations receive vulnerability reports and work on deploying fixes, they need proof that the issues have actually been fixed and that they have not introduced Continue Reading

Unable to plan for the long-term, Mars looks for other ways to stay relevant in lockdown- Tempemail

Keen to stay relevant by re-imagining its long-running ‘Light Side of Life’ campaign from lockdown, Mars’ Maltesers is working on a week-by-week basis with its ad agency AMV BBDO as long-term planning continues to be scuppered by the pandemic. “My ultimate aim is to get our brands into culture,” insists Continue Reading

Logitech sales surge as locked-down families, workers stay connected – Hardware- Tempemail

Logitech International reported a big jump in sales of computer products during its fourth quarter on Tuesday as more people worked from home and families turned to technology to keep in touch during the coronavirus crisis. Demand for video collaboration products boomed during the three months to the end of Continue Reading

In defence of the ‘stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ messaging- Tempemail

Following the release of the UK Government’s ‘Stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ messaging introduced at the begining of an easing on lockdown restrictions by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England, there was loud consternation. Dan Cullen-Schute, founder and chief executive of Creature offers his view and reasons on Continue Reading