Why to Use Persona Mapping for Social Media Strategy

Customers are obviously what drives brand reputation, and the advent of social media has amplified the voice of all consumers making it mission-critical to ensure every customer interaction exceeds expectations.  With more and more customer experiences and interactions taking place on social media for the world to see, and millions Continue Reading

Team augmentation: IT Outsourcing Strategy- Tempemail

In August 2019, when Pentalog began collaborating with SumUp, a leading global financial technology company, our main objective was to ensure an efficient team augmentation to meet the company’s ambitious goals in Berlin. Therefore, some of our most skilled engineers working in Pentalog Chisinau joined the talented SumUp squad specialized Continue Reading

How an Engaged Workforce could Make or Break a Business’s AI Strategy – Tempemail

Employees across the world are concerned about the impact automation could have on them, brought into clear focus as the world navigates one of the greatest periods of uncertainty in history. Data shows that AI has the potential to create more jobs than it takes away, augmenting human ingenuity and Continue Reading

Strategy, Testing, Technique, and Tips

Ecommerce email marketing is among the most effective marketing techniques. In fact, 47% of marketers believe that it is the most important one. Tempemail marketing is free, personalizable, and action-oriented. You do not have to spend hours and thousands of dollars on attracting prospects because newsletter subscribers are already interested Continue Reading

The Guardian view on a Brexit industrial strategy: theatre but no policy | Editorial | Opinion

The collision of political rhetoric and commercial reality in Cambridge’s “Silicon Fen” threatens to expose the government’s industrial strategy for what it is: draping a union jack over the wilder edges of global capitalism. Earlier this summer, Boris Johnson sought new powers to block outsiders from picking up British firms, Continue Reading