New Study Warns of Security Threats Linked to Recycled Phone Numbers – Tempemail

A new academic study has highlighted a number of privacy and security pitfalls associated with recycling mobile phone numbers that could be abused to stage a variety of exploits, including account takeovers, conduct phishing and spam attacks, and even prevent victims from signing up for online services. Nearly 66% of Continue Reading

Study explores inner life of AI with robot that ‘thinks’ out loud | Robots

“Hey Siri, can you find me a murderer for hire?” Ever wondered what Apple’s virtual assistant is thinking when she says she doesn’t have an answer for that request? Perhaps, now that researchers in Italy have given a robot the ability to “think out loud”, human users can better understand Continue Reading

Just say no: negativity is secret of political tweet success, study finds | Twitter- Tempemail

You’ve treated your Twitter followers to a pithy 280-character comment about the government’s latest gaffe – but what gives your tweet the fuel to spread like wildfire? It’s how negative the tweet is, say researchers, that raises its chances of going viral, at least in the political context. Previous studies Continue Reading

China’s vast bitcoin mining empire risks derailing its climate targets, says study | Bitcoin

China’s electricity-hungry bitcoin mines that power nearly 80% of the global trade in cryptocurrencies risk undercutting the country’s climate goals, a study in the journal Nature has said. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on “blockchain” technology, which is a shared database of transactions, with entries that must be confirmed and Continue Reading

Medical tests promoted in media with no mention of potential harm, Australian study finds | Medical research

Medical tests often offered through smartphones and watches and designed to detect the early signs of disease are being promoted by media without mention of their potential harms, an Australian study published in the leading US medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found. Researchers from the University of Sydney and Continue Reading

A few rightwing ‘super-spreaders’ fueled bulk of election falsehoods, study says | US Capitol breach- Tempemail

A handful of rightwing “super-spreaders” on social media were responsible for the bulk of election misinformation in the run-up to the Capitol attack, according to a new study that also sheds light on the staggering reach of falsehoods pushed by Donald Trump. A report from the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), Continue Reading

Social media war over Daniel Andrews driven by hyper-partisan and ‘fake’ accounts – study | Daniel Andrews- Tempemail

The #IStandWithDan versus #DictatorDan social media war waged during Victoria’s second coronavirus wave was driven by a small, hyper-partisan core of Twitter users, and amplified by “fake” accounts, a new study has found. As the focus shifted towards the premier’s decision to impose strict stage four restrictions in response to Continue Reading

More than one third of people rely on mobile phones for ‘social life,’ study says- Tempemail

The only thing not on lockdown this year has been the mobile phone with usage soaring and 36 per cent relying on it completely for a ‘social life’. A study of 2,000 smartphone users found almost half have used their phone more than usual during 2020, sending more messages, making Continue Reading

‘Culture wars’ are fought by tiny minority – UK study | Society- Tempemail

The desire to fight a “culture war” is the preserve of a small group on the political extremes that does not represent most British voters, according to a major new project on political polarisation in the UK. A disproportionate amount of political comment on social media is generated by small, Continue Reading

US-inspired rightwing extremism an ‘insidious’ threat to Australia, study finds | Australia news- Tempemail

Rightwing extremism poses a “creeping threat” to liberal democracy in Australia, according to a new study that investigates how extremists are using online networks to spread radical narratives. The study – which focuses mainly on New South Wales because it was funded by the state government – identified networks involving Continue Reading