Salmond supporters accused of ‘torrent of homophobic and transphobic abuse’ | Scottish elections 2021- Tempemail

Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Greens leader, has blamed supporters of Alex Salmond’s nationalist Alba party for a “torrent” of homophobic and transphobic abuse during the election campaign. Harvie said the abuse has included smears about paedophilia, abusive attacks on his sexuality and transphobic attacks on the gender identity of other Continue Reading

Far-right supporters move to open source to evade censorship | World news

On 8 December last year, a Frenchman called Laurent Bachelier gave away a total of 28.5 bitcoins – worth $556,000 – to 22 people. On the same day, he killed himself. In suicide notes written in French and English, he explained that the burden of illness (he suffered from a Continue Reading

Checked by reality, some QAnon supporters seek a way out Children QAnon Donald Trump boyfriend beliefs- Tempemail

Ceally Smith spent a year down the rabbit hole of QAnon spending more and more time researching and discussing the conspiracy theory online. Eventually it consumed her, and she wanted out. She broke up with the boyfriend who recruited her into the movement, took six months off social media, and Continue Reading

How Trump supporters are radicalised by the far right | Apps- Tempemail

Far right “playbooks” teaching white nationalists how to recruit and radicalise Trump supporters have surfaced on the encrypted messaging app Telegram ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. The documents, seen by the Observer, detail how to convert mainstream conservatives who have just joined Telegram into violent white supremacists. They were found Continue Reading

Jodi Picoult: Trump supporters tell me ‘I’m never reading your books any more’- Tempemail

D o you want me to tell you what is even more vitriolic than pro-lifers? Trans- exclusionary radical feminists,” says Jodi Picoult. The bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper is talking about the abuse she gets online. A Spark of Light, her 2018 novel about abortion and women’s reproductive rights, Continue Reading

Twitter suspends accounts for posing as Black Trump supporters | US news

Twitter has suspended a network of accounts claiming to be owned by Black supporters of Donald Trump and his re-election campaign due to spam and platform manipulation, it said Tuesday. The company is investigating the activity and may suspend additional similar accounts if they are found to be violating its Continue Reading

Facebook removes major QAnon group along with hundreds of accounts posing as black Trump supporters- Tempemail

The Independent employs reporters around the world to bring you truly independent journalism. To support us, please consider a contribution. Facebook has staged a major cull of fake accounts, taking down hundreds masquerading as black supporters of Donald Trump and supporters of the conspiracy theory movement QAnon – as well as Continue Reading