‘Because of you democracy survived’: Biden hails police for ‘putting their bodies on the line’ to stop pro-Trump riot- Tempemail

Joe Biden thanked all law enforcement personnel for their part in defending democracy on 6 January in remarks delivered on the steps of the US Capitol honouring fallen officers. Speaking at the 40th annual Tempemail Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, the president said of the courage of police in countering the Continue Reading

Smuggled diary tells how abducted women survived Boko Haram camp | World news- Tempemail

The resistance began three months after the young women were taken from their school dormitory by Islamist militants and hidden in the depths of a forest. It would end in direct confrontation and disobedience, and an unlikely victory which saved their lives. But as the extremists of Boko Haram drove Continue Reading

‘I love fame’: how Caroline Calloway survived being cancelled | Life and style- Tempemail

It is hard to imagine Caroline Calloway being of any time before the internet – like picturing a present-day Joan of Arc. She laughs when I tell her so. “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Caroline Calloway born in medieval Europe would be so fucking screwed. I’d be in Continue Reading