Lesotho and Zimbabwe Implement Telco Traffic Monitoring System – Tempemail

The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) have begun the implementation of a system to monitor national and international telecommunications traffic. The system is expected to help increase revenue assurance, combat network fraud and enforce billing integrity across all communication networks available Continue Reading

It’s a sign of a broken system when only credit card firms can force Pornhub to change | Rape and sexual assault- Tempemail

On 4 December, the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof published a column entitled The Children of Pornhub. Pornhub attracts 3.5bn visitors a month, rakes in money from 3bn advertisting impressions a day and, says Kristof, “prides itself on being the cheery, winking face of naughty, the website that buys Continue Reading

Cyber Hygiene for System Health and Online Security – Tempemail

Stefan van de Giessen, General Manager: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited Africa Organisations in the COVID-19 pandemic era have been forced to look at their security hygiene best practices in order to minimise risk, data leakage and non-compliance, while still allowing for operational flexibility and efficiency.  Employees have increasingly been both Continue Reading

First passengers travel in Virgin’s levitating hyperloop pod system | Technology

Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop has completed the world’s first passenger ride on a high-speed levitating pod system, a key safety test for technology it hopes will transform human and cargo transportation. The Virgin Hyperloop executives, Josh Giegel, its chief technology officer, and Sara Luchian, the director of passenger experience, reached Continue Reading

Have Your Passport Ready review – step inside the asylum system | Games

Every foreign humanitarian crisis forces a government to balance compassion and restraint. To what degree should a country fulfil its moral obligation to offer aid and sanctuary to refugees? At what point does national benevolence threaten national stability? Sober deliberation soon descends into hysterics. Respondents to a 1940 poll that Continue Reading

Protecting Your Embedded System from BlindSide and Other Zero-Day Cybersecurity Attacks- Tempemail

By Shaun Ruffell In September of 2020, a team at the Systems and Network Security Group at VU Amsterdam announced a new technique for developing exploits they called BlindSide [1]. BlindSide allows an attacker to conduct Blind ROP-style [2] attacks against targets that are not crash-resistant, such as the Linux Continue Reading

Tempemail Rolls Out Pentest Review System for Customers and Pentesters- Tempemail

Traditional pentesting suffers from a persistent issue: a lack of transparency into the pentest process itself and what’s considered successful. Is success measured in quality of vulnerability reports, speed to launch, or pentester communication? Though pentests are relatively short, numerous factors influence the outcome of an engagement. However, most pentests Continue Reading

Google and Apple to roll out ‘phase two’ of contact-tracing system | Technology

Apple and Google are preparing to roll out “phase two” of their Covid-19 contact-tracing system, allowing users to receive notifications about their exposure to infectious people without needing to install a specific app. But the system will still not fully work in Britain until the UK government releases its own Continue Reading

TeamViewer Flaw Could Let Hackers Steal System Password Remotely – Tempemail

If you are using TeamViewer, then beware and make sure you’re running the latest version of the popular remote desktop connection software for Windows. TeamViewer team recently released a new version of its software that includes a patch for a severe vulnerability (CVE 2020-13699), which, if exploited, could let remote Continue Reading

AI system detects posts by foreign ‘trolls’ on Facebook and Twitter | Media- Tempemail

Foreign manipulation campaigns on social media can be spotted by looking at clues in the timing and length of posts and the URLs they contain, researchers have found. From the 2016 US presidential election to Brexit, a growing number of political events are thought to have been targeted by foreign Continue Reading