TikTok row: China hits out at US ‘smash and grab’ as tech dispute deepens | World news

The US has offered China the “choice of submission or mortal combat in the tech realm”, state media in Beijing have said, as the two rival powers manoeuvred on the thorny issue of splitting up TikTok. The popular video-sharing app has joined Huawei to become a technology flashpoint, with Chinese Continue Reading

At last, the tech titans’ nerd immunity shows signs of fading | Technology

The most striking thing about Wednesday’s congressional interrogation of the leaders of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon was the absence of deference to the four moguls. This was such a radical departure from previous practice – characterised by ignorance, grandstanding and fawning on these exemplars of the American Way – Continue Reading

‘Too much power’: Congress grills top tech CEOs in combative antitrust hearing | Technology

The US’s top tech bosses were told they have “too much power”, are censoring political speech, spreading fake news and “killing” the engines of the American economy, at a combative congressional hearing on Wednesday. The historic hearing in Washington saw Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg Continue Reading

Congress’s historic tech hearing suggests antitrust crackdown could come soon | Technology

After hours of grilling top tech executives in a historic antitrust hearing on Wednesday, US lawmakers suggested unprecedented antitrust enforcement might be on the horizon. In his closing remarks, Representative David Cicilline, a Rhode Island Democrat, said evidence put forward in the investigations and testimony showed just how entrenched the Continue Reading

‘Big companies aren’t bad’: Zuckerberg and other tech CEOs to testify in historic antitrust hearing | Technology- Tempemail

“Companies aren’t bad just because they are big,” Facebook executive Mark Zuckerberg is set to tell Congress on Wednesday, as the world’s most powerful technology companies face a historic investigation into their size and power. Zuckerberg plans to argue to Congress that Facebook became successful “the American way, by starting Continue Reading

Billionaire bosses to feel the heat over tech giants’ massive wealth and power | Technology

Some of the richest men in history representing the most valuable companies ever created will be grilled by Congress on Wednesday , as US authorities get increasingly serious about whether tech giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet have become too powerful. The extraordinary hearing will see Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Continue Reading

Encryption laws are hurting Australia’s tech sector, Atlassian says | Australian security and counter-terrorism

The tech giant Atlassian says controversial encryption laws have damaged the reputation of the technology sector, discouraged talent from working in Australia, and harmed an industry that could help drive economic growth in the nation’s post-Covid-19 recovery. An inquiry into the encryption laws resumed on Monday before the parliamentary joint Continue Reading

Recovery from Covid-19 will be threatened if we don’t learn to control big tech | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

Last Wednesday, Twitter suffered the biggest hacking attack in its history. A scammer got into its system, probably by hacking the account of someone working in the company, and acquired some of the special privileges that internal staff possess in order to do their work. This enabled the intruder to Continue Reading

The background to EU citizens’ court win over US tech giants | Technology

A ruling of the court of justice of the European Union (CJEU) could prevent tech companies like Facebook from sending data from the trading bloc to the US, after finding that there are not enough protections against snooping by American intelligence agencies. It is the latest ruling in a long-running Continue Reading

Tech firms like Facebook must restrict data sent from EU to US, court rules | Technology

Tech companies like Facebook could be prevented from sending data back to the US, after the latest ruling in a long-running European legal saga found that there are not enough protections against snooping by US intelligence agencies. The ruling of the court of justice of the European Union (CJEU) does Continue Reading