Is this the future of film? How to finish a shoot when the coronavirus strikes | Film- Tempemail

Who says everything in the film business has ground to a halt? Some directors are finding ways of keeping the cameras rolling. Timur Bekmambetov, best known outside Russia for making the Angelina Jolie thriller Wanted, was midway through filming his second world war fighter-ace film V2: Escape from Hell when Continue Reading

Zoom booms as demand for video-conferencing tech grows | Technology

From nursery school sing-alongs to FTSE 100 boardrooms and even UK cabinet meetings hosted by the poorly prime minister, a socially distanced world is reconvening in cyberspace with the help of Silicon Valley video conferencing app Zoom. As governments across the world have placed their citizens on lockdown, downloads of Continue Reading

Apps and coronavirus: what you need to know about protecting your privacy | World news

If you are one of the millions of Australians working from home and resorting to apps to maintain a social life online in the coronavirus pandemic, it is as important as ever to look at what and how much information you may be unwittingly sharing with them. What should I Continue Reading

Fake news in the time of coronavirus: how big is the threat? | Hugo Mercier | Opinion- Tempemail

In times of crisis, misinformation abounds. Covid-19 can be cured by ingesting fish-tank cleaning products. Coronavirus was developed in Chinese (or American, or French) labs. Cristiano Ronaldo and the pope tested positive. Why does misinformation flourish? Does all this fake news mean that people are hopelessly gullible, their anxiety making Continue Reading

Wear your clothes backwards and learn cartooning: artists share lockdown tips | Art and design- Tempemail

The doors of the world’s finest museums, galleries and art fairs may now be firmly closed for who knows how long. But art can still reach us in dazzling detail, via the now essential gateway of social media. Large organisations were the first to get involved, with MoMA in New Continue Reading

From drones to robots to wearables, how the world is using technology for fighting Coronavirus- Tempemail

Read Article Every disaster has a lesson for us, and if we do not take lessons from history, history more than often repeats itself. While India has had the experience of handling natural disasters like tsunamis and floods regularly, it has never been exposed to a pandemic like Coronavirus. Since Continue Reading

20 learning apps for stir-crazy kids | Technology

The closure of schools across the UK has left many parents and carers in the sudden, unexpected position of being home-school teachers. Schools are providing support where they can, but there are also still plenty of smartphone and tablet apps that can be used as part of learning. It may Continue Reading

Trolls exploit Zoom privacy settings as app gains popularity | Technology

Working and socialising from home has brought new risks to everyday life, as webcam meetings and chatroom cocktail hours contend with privacy invasions, phishing attacks and “zoombombings” – uninvited guests abusing the popular video service to broadcast shocking imagery to all. Public Zoom hangouts have become a popular way to Continue Reading

Confined in rental apartments, millennials decorate virtual homes | Technology

Out of a desperate desire to avoid the doom-and-gloom news reel for at least a few hours a day and with Covid-19 keeping me confined at home, I have become interiors-obsessed. There’s no more pleasant distraction than searching for the perfect rug to really pull a room together, debating variations Continue Reading

Elderly in UK care home embrace technology to beat coronavirus lockdown – Hardware- Tempemail

Residents in a British care home are embracing technology to stay in touch with friends and family as the country faces the possibility of weeks of lockdown amid the coronavirus epidemic. One newcomer to video-calling is 84-year-old Minnie Copping, a resident at Foxholes Care Home in Hertfordshire, north of London. “It’s absolutely marvellous Continue Reading