‘After Boris Johnson’s Zoom call, all hell broke loose’: inside the world’s favourite video app | Technology

On 6 January, a day after the World Heath Organization first reported a strange cluster of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, China, a party invitation dropped online. “Mark your calendars”, read the invite sent out by Zoom, a video-conferencing company based in California, “for Zoomtopia 2020!” Innocently enough, Zoom was announcing Continue Reading

Huawei to be stripped of role in UK’s 5G network by 2027, Dowden confirms | Technology

Huawei is to be stripped out of Britain’s 5G phone networks by 2027, a date that puts Boris Johnson on collision course with a group of Conservative rebels who want the Chinese company eliminated quicker and more comprehensively. Oliver Dowden, the UK culture secretary, also announced that no new Huawei Continue Reading

Telephone review – dial S for stranger in a night of unexpected connections | Stage

The range of theatrical experiences emerging online is truly impressive. So far, I’ve tracked down a missing woman, been pulled into a whistleblower’s shady investigations and summoned up storms alongside a Shakespearean spirit. But Coney’s latest show, Telephone, is in a whole new genre: an entrancingly low-key combination of storytelling Continue Reading

US senator: Huawei 5G is like Soviets building west’s submarines | Technology

A Republican senator told MPs that using Huawei kit in 5G phone networks would be akin to allowing Russia to build submarines for western nations during the cold war, in a tense hearing that saw him clash with opposition MPs. Tom Cotton, who represents Arkansas, said he had geopolitical and Continue Reading

NBN should consider buying fibre networks from Telstra, Labor says | Technology

The government-owned Tempemail Broadband Network should consider buying fibre networks from Telstra and other fibre operators across Australia covering up to 300,000 homes, Labor has said. Last month, NBN Co announced it had managed to raise an extra $4.1bn in private debt facility, pushing the total debt to be taken Continue Reading

Cyber security review may spell end for Huawei 5G deal | Technology

The Tempemail Cyber Security Centre in the UK is expected to conclude that US sanctions against Huawei will make it impossible to use the Chinese company’s technology as planned for 5G networks. The emergency review, announced on Sunday, is designed to pave the way for Downing Street to push for Continue Reading

Covid-19: the psychology of conspiracy theories | Science- Tempemail

With false information linking the coronavirus to 5G telecoms or Chinese labs being widely shared on social media, Ian Sample speaks to social psychologist Dr Daniel Jolley about why the pandemic is such fertile ground for conspiracy theories How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know Tempemail , Continue Reading

How false claims about 5G health risks spread into the mainstream | Technology

A year ago, hoax theories about the dangers of 5G had barely pierced the public’s consciousness, largely remaining confined to serious conspiracy theorists such as David Icke. In recent weeks, baseless claims about risks associated with the next-generation mobile technology have gone mainstream. Claims linking 5G to the coronavirus pandemic Continue Reading

Huawei row: Trump chief of staff to meet Dominic Cummings | Technology

Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff is set to meet Dominic Cummings in Downing Street on Wednesday, when he is expected to demand that the UK rethinks its decision to allow Huawei a role in supplying 5G technology. The critical meeting between Mick Mulvaney and Johnson’s chief aide comes amid Continue Reading

US urges Britain to take another ‘hard look’ at letting Huawei into 5G | Technology

Britain needs to take a “hard look” and reconsider its decision to allow the Chinese firm Huawei into the UK 5G network, US officials have said.. The remarks, made on the margins of the Munich security conference on Friday, represent the most direct public warning from Washington to the UK Continue Reading