How Leslie Jordan made it big: ‘If you want to get sober, try 27 days in county jail’ | Television- Tempemail

For a man of such diminutive stature – 4ft 11in in shoes – Leslie Jordan loves a tall tale. A cursory question at the start of our interview about where he is calling from, for example, results in this glorious flight of fancy: “I got on a bus in 1982, Continue Reading

We stan together: the wonderful world of Instagram TV fan pages | Television- Tempemail

A cursory scroll through the Explore page on Instagram can feel like a visual assault: sponsored content, taunting influencer pictures and cute pets all vying for your attention through algorithmic targeting. As you work your way through the social media platform’s recommendations, you are also likely to encounter another constant: Continue Reading

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Tala Gouveia: ‘They called McDonald & Dodds woke just because I was black’ | Television- Tempemail

If you scribble down a list of all the British TV detectives you can think of, past and present, the sad truth is that only a handful are played by black actors. It’s a fact that isn’t lost on Tala Gouveia, who occupies one of the titular roles in the Continue Reading

Dylan Behan: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture- Tempemail

Hi, I’m Dylan Behan, I’m a long-time comedy video editor for Australian TV who’s worked on a number of already forgotten shows like The Chaser’s War on Everything, The Letdown and Tonightly with Tom Ballard. When Tonightly was axed at the end of 2018 I decided to enter the highly Continue Reading

A queer, immersive take on haunted house scares – podcasts of the week | Television & radio

Picks of the week Sour HallAn intriguing cross between a haunted house tale and an episode of The Archers, Audible’s latest audio drama stars Doctor Who’s Pearl Mackie and Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon as city escapers starting a new life in the country. As well as attracting negative attention as Continue Reading

Black images matter: Shade, the powerful podcast unpicking the tumult of 2020 | Television & radio

Lou Mensah spent the 1990s working in PR but her favourite part of the job was not the to and fro with clients. What she really liked was meeting and briefing photographers. So when she fell ill at one point, a friend gave her a camera and said: “If you’re Continue Reading

Pls Like review – Liam Williams deftly spoofs the influencer industry | Television & radio

Pls Like (BBC Three) has a problem: how do you spoof the unspoofable? The quick and quick-witted mockumentary, written by and starring Liam Williams, spent two series teasing YouTubers and the like, but now, in the age of TikTok, you have to wonder how it will manage to make comedy Continue Reading

Every meme and moment is flogged for all its worth – television is killing the social media star- Tempemail

People like to blame social media for all of the world’s problems, which is convenient and probably quite sensible. It is not too difficult to connect the disquiet we have seen on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years with the proliferation of “fake news” on Facebook and Twitter; Continue Reading