Twitter and Facebook CEOs testify before lawmakers in wake of election – live | Technology

3.30pm GMT 15:30 Senator Richard Blumenthal now speaks. He says these companies have too much power and need to be broken up. Then he touts the EARN IT Act, introduced in 2020, which would roll back Section 230 protections and allow websites to be sued for content hosted on their Continue Reading

Twitter and Facebook CEOs to testify on alleged anti-conservative bias | US news

The chief executive officers of Twitter and Facebook are taking the stand Tuesday to testify, again, about allegations of anti-conservative bias on their platforms. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey were subpoenaed in October to appear at Tuesday’s hearing with the Senate judiciary committee in order to “review the companies’ handling Continue Reading

Section 230 hearings live: Twitter, Facebook and Google CEOs testify before Congress | Technology- Tempemail

1.45pm GMT 13:45 Hello and welcome to today’s Senate hearings, which will interrogate how the internet in the US is fundamentally regulated – fun! I am one of the Guardian’s West Coast technology reporters and I will be providing you with live updates throughout the day. You can catch up Continue Reading

Senate panel moves to compel 3 social media CEOs to testify Donald Trump Facebook lawmakers companies companies- Tempemail

A Senate panel voted Thursday to compel testimony from the CEOs of Facebook Google and Twitter as lawmakers opened a new front in the battle over hate speech, misinformation and perceived political bias on social media a month before the presidential election. The Senate Commerce Committee authorized subpoenas for Facebook Continue Reading

‘Big companies aren’t bad’: Zuckerberg and other tech CEOs to testify in historic antitrust hearing | Technology- Tempemail

“Companies aren’t bad just because they are big,” Facebook executive Mark Zuckerberg is set to tell Congress on Wednesday, as the world’s most powerful technology companies face a historic investigation into their size and power. Zuckerberg plans to argue to Congress that Facebook became successful “the American way, by starting Continue Reading

US lawmakers demand Jeff Bezos testify over Amazon’s ‘possibly criminally false’ statements | Technology

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers investigating Amazon for possible antitrust violations have demanded that Jeff Bezos testify before Congress to address statements by the company that “appear to be misleading, and possibly criminally false or perjurious”. “Although we expect that you will testify on a voluntary basis, we reserve Continue Reading

Apple and TikTok won’t testify in a March congressional hearing about their ties with China

In brief: Republican Senator Josh Hawley thinks Big Tech is “totally untrustworthy” as it hides deep connections with China. He invited Apple and TikTok to a congressional hearing scheduled for March 4, but neither of the two want to participate. TikTok is still in hot water due to its suspected Continue Reading

Amazon wants Trump to testify on ‘order to screw Amazon’ in Pentagon deal – Cloud – Networking – Storage- Tempemail

Amazon Web Services said on Monday it was seeking to depose President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper in its lawsuit over whether the president was trying “to screw Amazon” when it awarded a Pentagon contract for cloud computing to rival Microsoft Corp. The Inc unit alleged that Continue Reading

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Testify Before Congress About Facebook Libra – Tempemail

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Testify Before Congress About Facebook Libra – Tempemail Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be back in Washington to testify before the House Financial Services Committee about Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra on Wednesday, October 23. You’ll be able to watch Zuckerberg’s testimony today live in the player above starting Continue Reading