End of the line? Queueing apps threaten the greatest British institution | Life and style

Name: The queue. Age: As old as Britain. Appearance: The only system this country has left to be proud of. You’re not going to like this news, then. Why? Is someone pushing in somewhere? Show me who. I want to tut at them. It’s worse: the queue is dead. I Continue Reading

Mark Zuckerberg defends decision to allow Trump to threaten violence on Facebook | Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is standing by his decision to allow Donald Trump to threaten violence against George Floyd protesters on the platform despite harsh criticism from civil rights leaders and public dissent from his own employees, including a public resignation. In a video conference with staff on Tuesday, Zuckerberg said that Continue Reading

Will tech threaten the role of media agencies this year?- Tempemail

Traditionally, the role of media agencies can be explained simply as this: assemble the right team of people to put clients in front of the right audiences via the most effective media mix. This requires a deep, nuanced understanding of consumer behaviour. However, the past few years have seen advertisers Continue Reading

US senators threaten Facebook, Apple with encryption regulation – Hardware – Networking – Security

US senators grilled Apple Inc and Facebook Inc executives over their encryption practices on Tuesday and threatened to regulate the technology unless the companies make encrypted user data accessible to law enforcement. At a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrats and Republicans presented a rare united front as they invoked Continue Reading