TikTok photoshoot of car on UK level crossing – ‘sheer stupidity’ | TikTok- Tempemail

Police are investigating after a video showing a car parked over a live railway track for a photoshoot was posted on TikTok. The clip shows a tripod and car set up by a level crossing north of Bolton with the caption: “Would you take the risk to get the shot Continue Reading

Sea shanty TikTok: how a 19th-century seafaring epic inspired a Covid generation | New Zealand- Tempemail

Even from “the back of nowhere, far from any city” – not to mention the sea – John Archer caught wind of the sea shanty revival before anyone else. From his home in landlocked Ōhakune, Archer had noticed a sharp uptick in visitors to the New Zealand Folk Song website Continue Reading

TikTok to tackle grooming with safeguards for young users | TikTok

Children on TikTok will face “groundbreaking” new restrictions in an attempt to prevent grooming on the platform, the video-sharing company has announced, with particularly strict new rules for users under 16. The platform, which has a lower age limit of 13, said users under 16 would no longer be able Continue Reading

Not just for drunken sailors: how sea shanties took over TikTok | Folk music- Tempemail

Name: Sea shanties. Age: At least 600 years old. Appearance: Just about the hippest thing on TikTok right now. TikTok? The app where people dance? More or less, yes, although it’s worth pointing out that recently TikTok users collaboratively designed, built and patented a cutting-edge pill bottle specifically to improve Continue Reading

Helen Keller: why is a TikTok conspiracy theory undermining her story? | Books

When the internet is riddled with conspiracy theories, it can be difficult to decide which to worry about. While QAnon and Pizzagate are proving themselves to have radicalising potential with real-world repercussions, others are flourishing beneath the radar, or certainly going unnoticed by anyone over the age of 25. What Continue Reading

How a Dudley museum became a TikTok sensation | Museums- Tempemail

The Black Country Living Museum is an open-air attraction that tells the story of Britain’s early manufacturing history, set in the defiantly unstarry town of Dudley, in England’s industrial Midlands. Among the exhibits that have earned it a clutch of awards are two mineshafts, a lime kiln and a collection Continue Reading

TikTok investigating videos promoting starvation and anorexia | TikTok

TikTok has launched an investigation and banned some search terms after the Guardian found harmful pro-anorexia content was still easily searchable despite measures taken by the social media company to prohibit the advertising of weight-loss products. The video app – one of the most popular in the world with more Continue Reading

Snapchat to give users share of $1m a day for most entertaining clips | Technology- Tempemail

The promise of viral fame has always been a lure for online content creators, but Snapchat hopes it has found a more immediate way of encouraging people to post pictures and videos: a share of a daily $1m (£747,000) prize. The messaging app is to begin paying its users for Continue Reading