Ground zero for gaming memes: 10 excellent video game TikTok accounts | Games

ShelbyRenae – @shelbyrenaeytA Fortnite Twitch streamer and YouTuber, ShelbyRenae makes hilarious (and often very telling) TikToks focusing on her conversations with the strangers she plays with, mostly teenage boys who chuck out endless bizarre insults and gigantically inappropriate comments. Alisha – @alishakins_Mainly a Twitch streamer, Alisha makes brilliant little TikToks Continue Reading

I’m bingeing on TikTok and cat videos: here’s my way back from the abyss | Internet

Before I met my wife, my capacity to do nothing was infinite. After I met my wife, my capacity to do nothing remained infinite, but I was retrained to believe that staring into space doesn’t count as a hobby. Over the past year, though, I’ve reconnected with my laziest self. Continue Reading

#MainCharacter: pandemic brings TikTok self-parody to the fore | TikTok- Tempemail

Staring longingly out of a window watching the sunset across the New York skyline, or sitting on a balcony while Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey plays softly in the background. These are just a couple examples of a TikTok trend which sees young people act out scenarios and imagine Continue Reading

My advice for any politicians thinking of joining TikTok? Don’t | TikTok- Tempemail

At 33, I recognise that I am too old for TikTok, the Chinese-owned super-platform on which teenagers mouth along to songs and make super-short funny videos. I am at peace with this. As a child of the internet, someone who has worked through MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram Continue Reading

‘I don’t want to upset people’: Tom Cruise deepfake creator speaks out | TikTok

Joining TikTok has become something of a trend for Hollywood celebrities stuck at home like everyone else. So it wasn’t necessarily surprising to see Tom Cruise on the app, sharing videos of himself playing golf and pratfalling around the house. But the strange thing is that Cruise never actually made Continue Reading

‘Be polite and negotiate everything’: the TikTok feminist saving people from medical debt | TikTok

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the greatest crisis of our generation, healthcare has been top of mind for many Americans. For the one in six Americans drowning in medical bills, reform can’t come soon enough. From riding in an ambulance to delivering a baby, families are regularly hit with thousands of Continue Reading

TikTok urged to take action over Myanmar death threat videos | Myanmar- Tempemail

TikTok has been urged to take action over a flood of videos shared in Myanmar that feature men in military uniform threatening to kill anti-coup protesters, at times while brandishing weapons. Myanmar’s police and army have been widely condemned for using lethal force against peaceful protesters who have held mass Continue Reading

On TikTok, liberal teens put makeup on to look right wing (and vice versa) | TikTok- Tempemail

If you’re on TikTok, you’ll know Gen Z can tell if you’re a millennial from a side part and skinny jeans. Now, a new TikTok trend suggests teenagers on the app know someone’s political standing from the way they use eyeliner. Dubbed the “Republican-sona” makeover, Gen Z is creating their Continue Reading

Shelby Sherritt: the Ballarat cancer survivor who became a TikTok pottery queen | Art and design- Tempemail

For years, Shelby Sherritt was known as the “cancer girl”. “All my friends were like ‘Oh, she’s going through treatments’ or ‘That’s the girl from high school that got cancer’,” she says. “For so long I thought that my narrative was going to be ‘the 20-year-old cancer survivor’, that’s who Continue Reading