Researchers Demonstrate New Fingerprinting Attack on Tor Encrypted Traffic – Tempemail

A new analysis of website fingerprinting (WF) attacks aimed at the Tor web browser has revealed that it’s possible for an adversary to glean a website frequented by a victim, but only in scenarios where the threat actor is interested in a specific subset of the websites visited by users. Continue Reading

A strangely alluring cocktail of dad dancing and traffic chat: architecture on TikTok | Architecture- Tempemail

One minute, he’s sitting in a fast-food restaurant in a three-piece suit, twirling his moustache and miming popping a glock to the sounds of Polo G and Lil Tjay. The next, he’s standing at a traffic intersection, extolling the virtues of protected bicycle lanes. This is Mr Barricade, the social Continue Reading

Traffic Exchange Networks Distributing Malware Disguised as Cracked Software – Tempemail

An ongoing campaign has been found to leverage a network of websites acting as a “dropper as a service” to deliver a bundle of malware payloads to victims looking for “cracked” versions of popular business and consumer applications. “These malware included an assortment of click fraud bots, other information stealers, Continue Reading

Is Traffic Mirroring for NDR Worth the Trouble? We Argue It Isn’t – Tempemail

Network Detection & Response (NDR) is an emerging technology developed to close the blind security spots left by conventional security solutions, which hackers exploited to gain a foothold in target networks. Nowadays, enterprises are using a plethora of security solutions to protect their network from cyber threats. The most prominent Continue Reading

Bugs in Managed DNS Services Cloud Let Attackers Spy On DNS Traffic – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a new class of vulnerabilities impacting major DNS-as-a-Service (DNSaaS) providers that could allow attackers to exfiltrate sensitive information from corporate networks. “We found a simple loophole that allowed us to intercept a portion of worldwide dynamic DNS traffic going through managed DNS providers like Amazon and Continue Reading

Lesotho and Zimbabwe Implement Telco Traffic Monitoring System – Tempemail

The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) have begun the implementation of a system to monitor national and international telecommunications traffic. The system is expected to help increase revenue assurance, combat network fraud and enforce billing integrity across all communication networks available Continue Reading

Sub-Saharan Africa’s to Mobile Traffic to Grow 6.5 Times by 2026 – Tempemail

Mobile data traffic in Sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to grow by almost 6.5 times the current figures, with total traffic increasing from 0.87EB per month in 2020 to 5.6EB by 2026. Meanwhile, the average traffic per smartphone is expected to reach 8.9GB over the forecast period – this according to the Continue Reading

Google Maps is Testing New Traffic Light Feature | Tempemail

Sourced from Shutterstock. Google has confirmed that it is testing a new feature that’ll show Google Maps users the location of traffic lights. In a statement reported by The Verge, Google says “To help people stay better informed on the road, we’re testing a Google Maps feature on Android that shows Continue Reading

GovCMS withstands massive COVID traffic spikes – Strategy – Cloud – Software – Storage- Tempemail

Government websites using the hosting and content management system GovCMS withstood record traffic during the height of COVID-19, as Australians scrambled to find reliable sources of information. At the peak of the public health response, the open source Drupal-based platform, which government agencies are increasingly using for their web channels, Continue Reading