Gmail debuted in 2004 as an invitation-only beta offering how much free storage? Trivia

Development on Gmail began in 2001 by Googler Paul Buchheit, who dabbled in webmail as a college student prior to the existence of Hotmail. Released to the public on April Fool’s Day, 2004, the service was initially mistaken as a joke, not least because it launched with a whole gigabyte Continue Reading

Which of these statements was true of the QWERTY layout on typewriters in 1878… Trivia

The QWERTY layout was created by Milwaukee, Wisconsin newspaper editor Christopher Latham Sholes, who began experimenting with various keyboard designs in the 1860s including a layout with only two rows of keys. By April 1870, his keyboard resembled the modern QWERTY layout with four rows of keys and when Sholes’ Continue Reading

The first computer mouse: how many buttons did it have, and what material was it made of? Trivia

The first computer mouse was invented in the early 1960’s by Douglas Engelbart during his time at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. Engelbart was described as a visionary during the 1950s and ‘60s when a single computer enveloped an entire room. Early prototypes of the mouse consisted Continue Reading

Before establishing Nvidia, founder and CEO Jensen Huang designed microprocessors for… Trivia

After beginning his studies at Oregon State University at the age of 16 and graduating in 1984 with a degree in electrical engineering, Jen-Hsun Huang’s first job was designing microprocessors for AMD. Prior to founding Nvidia in 1993, Huang earned a master’s in electrical engineering at Stanford and served as Continue Reading

You’ve probably seen a 3.5-inch floppy disk, but do you know the dimensions of the technology’s first iteration? Trivia

Invented by Alan Shugart at IBM in 1967, the original floppy disk design measured 8 inches (200mm) in diameter, stored 80KB of data and became available for purchase in 1971 as a part of IBM’s products before being sold separately in 1972 by companies including Memorex. In fact, Shugart himself Continue Reading

HQ Trivia hosts final drunken quiz after investors pull plug: ‘My dogs are going to starve!’ | Technology- Tempemail

Online quiz app HQ Trivia, which at its peak was played by more than 2 million people a day, has hosted its last game – with inebriated hosts awarding a total prize pool of US$5. Described as a “final drunken hurrah”, the app’s last broadcast was watched by 28,000 people Continue Reading

In the 1930s, which of these countries built an analog computer that ran on water? Trivia

While the first computers were mechanical and famously ran on vacuum tubes, there were other schools of thought that brought us a different kind of computer that ran on water. Built by Vladimir Lukyanov in 1936, the “Water Integrator” solved partial differential equations using a series of tanks, tubes and Continue Reading

Without attaching additional power cables, how much can a PCIe x16 graphics card draw from the motherboard’s slot? Trivia

When attached to a motherboard’s PCIe x16 slot, a card such as the RTX 2080 can draw as much 75W on the +3.3V and +12V rails (3.3V x 3 A + 12V × 5.5 A). This is true for specifications up to and including PCI Express 4.0. Plugging a 6-pin Continue Reading

If one PC creates a noise level of 20dB and another makes 40dB of noise, roughly how much louder is the second computer? Trivia

Instead of increasing linearly, decibels follow a logarithmic scale that raises by powers of ten and every 10dB roughly equates to a doubling in loudness based on the average human hearing. That being the case, 30dB is around twice as loud as 20dB and a computer making 40dB of noise Continue Reading