The trolling of Katie Price shows attitudes to working class women are still stuck in the 1980s- Tempemail

In 1987, legendary pop duo Mel and Kim were adamant that “we ain’t never gonna be respectable (respectable)” – as if dancing about in berets was the height of unrespectability in the late 80s. Never has the inability to command respect seemed so much fun.   I’m not sure much Continue Reading

Ashley ‘Dotty’ Charles: ‘Purveyors of hate have turned trolling into a business. We have the power to turn the tables’ | Life and style- Tempemail

There’s a hot new profession on the rise with incredible career prospects, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home. A fast-paced job in a rapidly growing industry that can catapult you from pen-pusher to proprietor without a single second of overtime. What is this highly desirable position? Continue Reading

‘It feels like harassment’: 30% of British sportswomen say they have been trolled on social media, survey finds- Tempemail

Almost a third of female British athletes have said they have experienced trolling on social media, with some describing the abuse they have encountered as “threatening” and “scary”. BBC Sport recently conducted a survey of 537 British sportswomen representing 39 sports to ascertain the different experiences of female athletes. The Continue Reading

Can trolling ever be charming – or are ‘good’ trolls still a complete nuisance? | Internet

T he benevolent troll-queen of the internet prefers to remain anonymous, but here’s what we know: the 30-year-old US-based cartoonist and internet personality who goes by the alias CartoonsHateHer (let’s call her CHH for short) has, over the years, published hundreds of posts to online forums like Reddit under various Continue Reading

After the tragic death of Mike Thalassitis, there is no justification for Twitter users bringing back the cruel ‘Muggy Mike’ hashtag- Tempemail

Like the good Samaritans they are, the producers at ITV jumped in to save us from our collective January blues this year, with an additional series of Love Island that kicked off some five months before the usual scheduling.  No longer forced to wait until the summer months to sit Continue Reading