Gadgets should make life easier. So why can’t I turn on this no-touch tap? | Technology

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Google location data: what does Australian court ruling mean and how can I turn off my tracking history? | Google

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Style with a twist: stars turn to playful pigtails to tame lockdown hair | Fashion- Tempemail

With an appointment at a professional hairdressers now a distant memory, stylish women have taken to creative ways to tame their lockdown locks. The latest solution is a hairstyle more commonly associated with schooldays: pigtails. Grown-up, glamorous women have taken to wearing plaits. Kim Kardashian West, famous for her long Continue Reading

Nuts: a Surveillance Mystery review – squirrel snapper’s delight takes a dark turn | Games

Combine the acclaimed rural mystery game Firewatch with an episode of the BBC’s nature cam series, Springwatch, and you have Nuts, a stylish and involving new adventure from remote indie studio, Noodlecake. You start the game as a naturalist employed to watch squirrels in the picturesque Melmoth forest – this Continue Reading

How to turn a fashion blogger into a political activist- Tempemail

Reihane Taravati made a video celebrating happiness. It went viral. For this she faced imprisonment and 91 lashes. Borzou Daragahi explains how Tehran makes enemies of its own people Tempemail , Tempmail – Temp email addressess (10 minutes emails)– When you want to create account on some forum or social Continue Reading

No more fomo: top firms turn to VR to liven up meetings | Working from home

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‘It cuts out the faff’: young people turn to TikTok for cooking tips | TikTok

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Harry and Meghan bid farewell to social media ‘hate’ as couple turn backs on Instagram- Tempemail

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Bitcoin boom threatens to turn it into pure gold | Technology

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