Twitter trials ‘soft block’ feature to let users remove followers | Twitter- Tempemail

Twitter is trialling a feature that allows users to shrug off unwanted followers without officially blocking them. It provides a less stark alternative to hitting the “block” button – a move that is often publicised across timelines when the blocked user screenshots the notification and publishes it. With the new Continue Reading

Twitter trials anti-troll tool that automatically blocks abusive users | Twitter- Tempemail

Twitter is trialling an anti-troll feature that will automatically block accounts sending abuse to users. Once Twitter’s new “safety mode” is activated by a user, it will temporarily block accounts for seven days if the tech firm’s systems spot them using harmful language or sending repetitive, uninvited replies and mentions. Continue Reading

Facebook no, Twitter yes: which tech firms let the Taliban post? | Taliban- Tempemail

As Kabul fell to Taliban forces over the weekend, social networks struggled to cope with the renewed attention brought to the organisation – and its presence on their platforms. In the US, Republicans expressed outrage that Twitter, which had permanently banned Donald Trump from its platform in January, seemed content Continue Reading

Twitter to allow Australian users to flag potential misinformation during month-long trial | Australia news- Tempemail

Australian Twitter users will be allowed to report potentially misleading content as part of a new experiment in monitoring misinformation on the platform. Twitter users from Wednesday will be able to flag tweets that seem misleading, via a new option on the platform’s content reporting mechanism. The option to report Continue Reading

Bluesky: Twitter appoints Jay Graber to lead decentralised social media project- Tempemail

Bluesky, a decentralised social media network project funded by Twitter, will be led by startup founder and cryptocurrency developer Jay Graber, the company said on Monday. Ms Graber, who worked on Zcash – a cryptocurrency created by the Electric Coin Company – shared the news on Twitter: “I’m excited to Continue Reading

Twitter users banned after racist abuse of England players still posting online | Football- Tempemail

Twitter users banned after the torrent of racist abuse directed at England’s footballers are still posting on the platform, the Guardian has learned. Fifty-six persistently abusive Twitter users had their accounts permanently suspended on 12 July, the day after the European Championship final, amid a blaze of publicity surrounding hateful Continue Reading

Twitter is stuck, so why is it still so influential?- Tempemail

It was just another Wednesday morning on the timeline, but something was off. Everyone was posting. They seemed a little stressed, but that’s normal. The Greenwich Mean fights were dispersing. Eastern Standard discourses were shuffling into formation. Main character auditions were under way. All of the little mixed-metaphor icons – Continue Reading

Suni Lee vows to delete Twitter after blaming missing out on Olympic gold on too much social media- Tempemail

US gymnast Suni Lee has put her imperfect performance on the uneven bars down to being distracted by social media. A break-out star at the Tokyo Olympics, Ms Lee won gold in the individual all-around and silver in the team all-around at this year’s games. Her achievements made history, as Continue Reading

A moment that changed me: I realised I had become a masochist – and quit Twitter | Twitter- Tempemail

In March 2009, I type in “” and sign up for the next 12 years of my life. I am 20, in my first year of uni. I have three friends and hate it here. But, on Twitter, I can talk to real music journalists, my longed-for future people. Two Continue Reading