El Salvador’s next US envoy met Trump at Miss Universe Nayib Bukele El Salvador Ambassador U.S. Donald Trump- Tempemail

El Salvador’s next ambassador to Washington is someone President Donald Trump might remember from his days as a beauty pageant boss. A photo circulating on social media Friday showed a smiling Trump locking arms with Milena Mayorga and two other contestants – Miss USA and Miss Guatemala – on the Continue Reading

This machine needs to be turned more times than there are atoms in the universe to complete one rotation

WTF?! YouTuber Daniel de Bruin has crafted a rather captivating creation – a machine that visualizes the number googol, or 1 with a hundred zeros behind it. That number, he said, is greater than the sum of all the atoms in the known universe. To do so, he built a Continue Reading

F9 exists in a parallel universe where Red’s Hydrogen One was a good phone

WTF?! The now defunct Red Hydrogen One makes a few cameos in the new F9 trailer, and while the phone wasn’t a success in this universe, it’ll be immortalized in the Fast and Furious universe. The F9: The Fast Saga trailer has landed, and it resurrects more than just characters Continue Reading

Porsche and Lucasfilm co-designed a new starfighter for the Star Wars universe – Tempemail

Porsche typically concerns itself with terrestrial vehicle designs, but for a new project it worked with Lucasfilm designers in collaboration on a new starfighter for the Star Wars universe. The starfigher, called the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus, obviously doesn’t exist in full-scale flyable form, but it is being built out as Continue Reading

Riot creates its own publishing label, will produce single-player games in the League of Legends universe

Why it matters: Riot Games is best known for its work on the ever-popular online MOBA League of Legends, but a couple months ago, the studio announced the existence of six new in-development titles, three of which are still shrouded in relative mystery. This announcement proved to the world that Continue Reading

What Caught Our Attention In The Social Universe?

Facebook’s New Tools For Video Creators and Publishers Facebook announced a range of new video features and tools at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). The new updates relate to Facebook Live, Watch Parties and Creator Studio. Here is an overview of the new elements: Facebook Live. The company is adding Continue Reading