Unpacking the Status of Cloud in South Africa – Tempemail

Sourced from ZDNet. Most strategic discussions in boardrooms around the world will include cloud-based offerings because the services offered have become fundamental to a modern, resilient enterprise. in 2020 many organisations may well have been taking a wait-and-see approach, but the pandemic has forced everyone’s hand and sped up digital Continue Reading

Unpacking the Digitalisation of South African SMEs – Tempemail

In just a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world at the speed of light. Most businesses weren’t prepared and were forced to adapt to extraordinary challenges in order to continue with business operations –whilst battling to stay afloat. In South Africa, many businesses have opted for mass work-from-home policies for their staff, as businesses navigate through new ways Continue Reading

Unpacking 3 Healthcare Innovation Trends for 2021 – Tempemail

A significant part of 2020 has been riddled with the COVID-19 pandemic, thus negatively affecting the healthcare sector. To combat some of these challenges, there are several healthcare innovations to look out for in the upcoming year. According to WHO Health Innovation Group (WHIG), sister group of the World Health Continue Reading

Unpacking Africa’s Mobile Cybercrime Challenge – Tempemail

In mid-2020, Upstream’s Secure-D anti-fraud platform revealed that the total number of malicious mobile applications doubled in the first quarter of the year. The analysis found 29,000 malicious apps (14,500 in 2019), a 55% spike in fraudulent mobile transactions and increased volumes of infected mobile devices. But that wasn’t the Continue Reading

Unpacking Intelligent Infrastructure in the Modern Data Centre – Tempemail

As the world’s largest IT companies realise the importance of ‘intelligent infrastructure’ in the modern data centre, the race is on between storage competitors to provide products and solutions that are actually truly intelligent, and not merely standard infrastructure.  So says Marcel Fouché, Networking and Storage General Manager at value-added Continue Reading