Unpatched Critical Flaw Disclosed in Zoom Software for Windows 7 – Tempemail

A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in Zoom video conferencing software for Windows that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s computer running Microsoft Windows 7 or older. By the way, if someone is still using Windows 7, they deserve to get hacked, including many organizations Continue Reading

New Tool Can Jailbreak Any iPhone and iPad Using An Unpatched 0-Day Bug – Tempemail

The hacking team behind the “unc0ver” jailbreaking tool has released a new version of the software that can unlock every single iPhone, including those running the latest iOS 13.5 version. Calling it the first zero-day jailbreak to be released since iOS 8, unc0ver’s lead developer Pwn20wnd said “every other jailbreak Continue Reading

Unpatched Zoom App Bug Lets Hackers Steal Your Windows Password – Tempemail

Zoom has been there for nine years, but the immediate requirement of an easy-to-use video conferencing app during the coronavirus pandemic made it overnight a favorite tool for millions of people. Though Zoom is an efficient online video meeting solution, it’s still not the best choice in terms of privacy Continue Reading

Warning — Two New Unpatched Critical RCE Flaws Affect All Windows Versions – Tempemail

Microsoft today issued a new security advisory warning billions of Windows users of two new critical, unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities that could let hackers remotely take complete control over targeted computers. According to Microsoft, both unpatched flaws are being used in limited, targeted attacks and impact all supported versions of the Continue Reading

Warning — Unpatched Critical ‘Wormable’ Windows SMBv3 Flaw Disclosed – Tempemail

Shortly after releasing its monthly batch of security updates, Microsoft late yesterday separately issued an advisory warning billions of its Windows users of a new critical, unpatched, and wormable vulnerability affecting Server Message Block 3.0 (SMBv3) network communication protocol. It appears Microsoft originally planned to fix the flaw as part Continue Reading

Microsoft Warns of Unpatched IE Browser Zero-Day That’s Under Active Attacks – Tempemail

Internet Explorer is dead, but not the mess it left behind. Microsoft earlier today issued an emergency security advisory warning millions of Windows users of a new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) browser that attackers are actively exploiting in the wild — and there is no patch yet available Continue Reading

Unpatched enterprise SharePoint servers remain under attack – Security

Attackers are actively scanning for enterprise servers running vulnerable Microsoft SharePoint versions that are easily exploitable with a single HTTP request to remotely run arbitrary code, security researchers warn. A patch for the vulnerability was issued by Microsoft in February this year but administrators have been slow to deploy the Continue Reading

Unpatched Strandhogg Android Vulnerability Actively Exploited in the Wild

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new unpatched vulnerability in the Android operating system that dozens of malicious mobile apps are already exploiting in the wild to steal users’ banking and other login credentials and spy on their activities. Dubbed Strandhogg, the vulnerability resides in the multitasking feature of Android that Continue Reading