Conspiracy! review – help a Trumpist president steal an election | Games

The terrible truth about conspiracy theories is that they’re fun. Making and sharing connections offers a sense of control so potent we might willingly blind ourselves to the provenance of the information in question – a tendency amplified by online recommendation algorithms, which point us towards ideas we already sympathise Continue Reading

If you think Biden’s administration would rein in big tech, think again | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

Before the US presidential election I wondered aloud if Mark Zuckerberg had concluded that the re-election of Trump might be better for Facebook than a Biden victory. There were several reasons for thinking this. One was the strange way Zuckerberg appeared to be sucking up to Trump: at least one Continue Reading

Twitter and Facebook CEOs testify before lawmakers in wake of election – live | Technology

3.30pm GMT 15:30 Senator Richard Blumenthal now speaks. He says these companies have too much power and need to be broken up. Then he touts the EARN IT Act, introduced in 2020, which would roll back Section 230 protections and allow websites to be sued for content hosted on their Continue Reading

Twitter flags ballot conspiracy theory shared by Trump – after it is shared widely | US news

Twitter took more than an hour to flag a highly misleading video shared by Donald Trump, which baselessly pushed claims of ballot fraud and was retweeted more than 70,000 times before the platform took action. The president, who lost the US election to Joe Biden last week, shared a video Continue Reading

Uber bought itself a law. Here’s why that’s dangerous for struggling drivers like me | Cherri Murphy | Opinion

Last week, Uber bought itself a law. Along with Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates, app companies spent more than $200m – the most spent on any ballot campaign in US history – to bankroll Proposition 22 in California. With its passage, the law will now exempt drivers like me from Continue Reading

The misinformation media machine amplifying Trump’s election lies | US news- Tempemail

The networks have made their calls, world leaders have begun paying their respects, and even Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s other media outlets appear to have given up the ghost on a second term for Donald Trump. But in a video posted on Facebook on 7 November and viewed more Continue Reading

TikTok: false posts about US election reach hundreds of thousands | Technology- Tempemail

TikTok has emerged as an unexpected source of misinformation about the US election, with numerous inaccurate or misleading posts circulating as tech companies battle to contain falsehoods from Donald Trump and others. “TikTok has in the past been a breeding ground for false reports that spread peer to peer,” said Continue Reading

Twitter flags Trump’s claims of voter fraud | US news

Sign up for the Guardian’s First Thing newsletter Twitter on Monday evening flagged a tweet from Donald Trump, which baselessly claimed a recent supreme court decision would lead to voter fraud, as misinformation. Mere hours before election day, Trump tweeted without merit that the decision last week leaving in place, Continue Reading

Manipulated video of Biden mixing up states was shared 1.1m times before being removed | US news

Sign up for the Guardian’s First Thing newsletter. A doctored video purporting to show Joe Biden addressing a rally and forgetting which state he was in was viewed more than 1.1m times on social media before it was removed from Twitter. “Hello Minnesota,” the Democratic candidate says as he bounds Continue Reading

‘Putin could only dream of it’: how Trump supercharged Russia’s disinformation playbook | US news

Sign up for the Guardian’s Fight to Vote newsletter It seemed like the nightmare of 2016 all over again. On 21 October, less than two weeks before election day, US intelligence and law enforcement officials convened a last-minute press conference to warn that foreign adversaries were once again interfering in Continue Reading