Dylan Behan: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture- Tempemail

Hi, I’m Dylan Behan, I’m a long-time comedy video editor for Australian TV who’s worked on a number of already forgotten shows like The Chaser’s War on Everything, The Letdown and Tonightly with Tom Ballard. When Tonightly was axed at the end of 2018 I decided to enter the highly Continue Reading

Michelle Wolf to Melania’s roses: the arts and pop culture that sum up the Trump era | Culture

Architecture Travesty in the Rose Garden Since he’s a former real-estate tycoon, it seems fitting that Donald Trump’s tenure should express itself in some sort of building. So which edifice best defines his era? Well, there is the “big, beautiful wall” planned for the border with Mexico. “Nobody builds walls Continue Reading

TikTok is the social media sensation of lockdown. Could I become its new star? | Technology- Tempemail

Andy Warhol predicted a time everyone would have 15 minutes of fame. He was nearly right – it is actually 15 seconds. That is the maximum duration of a video clip with music (non-music clips can last up to a minute) on TikTok, the video-sharing platform that has taken the Continue Reading

Cao Fei: Blueprints review – would you trade love for progress? | Art and design

Love doesn’t figure highly in the Serpentine Gallery’s critical lexicon – too sentimental perhaps, too old-fashioned. But it pulses, unmentioned, beneath the surface of Cao Fei’s Blueprints. Love is evidence that we are recognised as individuals, as significant. Love is what we are asked to set aside in the name Continue Reading

Berlin artist uses 99 phones to trick Google into traffic jam alert | Technology

A Berlin-based artist managed to create a traffic jam on one of the main bridges across the Spree with nothing but a handcart and 99 second-hand phones. But one other thing was unusual about the jam: it only existed on Google Maps. Simon Weckert’s artwork Google Maps Hacks involved the Continue Reading