GPS art: the hybrid activity mixing creativity and fitness – video | Technology

GPS art or GPX is a combination of both fitness and artistic activity. Your movements, traced by GPS signals, become the paint on a city-sized canvas. You can run, ride or walk your artwork through popular fitness tracking apps such as Strava and the path of your choosing. Tackling the Continue Reading

Video games have replaced music as the most important aspect of youth culture | Culture

It would be incorrect to say video games went mainstream in 2020. They’ve been mainstream for decades. But their place in pop culture feels far more central – to gamers and non-gamers alike – than ever before. In part, this is due to desperate marketers hunting for eyeballs in a Continue Reading

Imint Partners with TECNO to Improve Smartphone Video Performance – Tempemail

Imint and TECNO have joined forces to explore the future of smartphone video performance and to advance the next generation of smartphones with video stabilization technology. The first result of the companies’ collaboration is already on display with TECNO Camon 16 series smartphone, enabled by Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization solution. Continue Reading

The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud review – video game send-up is virtually pointless | Film

Here is a throwaway space spoof, an affectionate send-up of the naffness of early 90s video games, that lovingly recreates the vintage details with its production design and fight choreography, but is troublingly low on scripted gags. It plays out in two dimensions: virtual and real life. Inside a computer Continue Reading

Twitter and Facebook lock Donald Trump’s accounts after video address | Donald Trump

Twitter and Facebook took unprecedented moves to address the spread of misinformation and the incitement of violence by Donald Trump on their platforms on Wednesday, after supporters of the president stormed the US Capitol. Both companies locked Trump’s accounts and removed several posts from the president that cast doubt on Continue Reading

Hackers Using Fake Trump’s Scandal Video to Spread QNode Malware – Tempemail

Cybesecurity researchers today revealed a new malspam campaign that distributes a remote access Trojan (RAT) by purporting to contain a sex scandal video of U.S. President Donald Trump. The emails, which carry with the subject line “GOOD LOAN OFFER!!,” come attached with a Java archive (JAR) file called “TRUMP_SEX_SCANDAL_VIDEO.jar,” which, Continue Reading

UK video game industry thrives amid lockdowns and US bidding wars | Games

The lockdown boom in video games has put the spotlight on the global success of British game makers, attracting the attention of deep-pocketed US giants looking to snap up valuable pandemic-proof businesses. Electronic Arts, the California-based global gaming giant, announced a surprise £945m bid for Codemasters, the maker of Formula Continue Reading