The Guardian view on academic freedom: ministers’ claims don’t add up | Editorial- Tempemail

Academic freedom should be sacrosanct. To foster a culture of intellectual inquiry, and develop expertise, is the point of universities. In a society that values education, those engaged in the production of knowledge – both teaching and research – must be supported. If academics or students say that restrictions are Continue Reading

The Guardian view on Rashford, Sancho and Saka: let down by dog whistles from Downing Street | Editorial- Tempemail

The country awoke on Monday to greyish July skies and a sense of sporting disappointment. Overnight, the England team Twitter account had published a nicely turned message seeking to capture the sense of national togetherness that grew during Euro 2020. Football, it read, was not just about winning trophies, it Continue Reading

Instagram‌ ‌Bug Allowed Anyone to View Private Accounts Without Following Them – Tempemail

Instagram has patched a new flaw that allowed anyone to view archived posts and stories posted by private accounts without having to follow them. “This bug could have allowed a malicious user to view targeted media on Instagram,” Mayur Fartade said in a Medium post today. “An attacker could have Continue Reading

The Guardian view on taxing the tech giants: time to pay up | Tax avoidance

The terrible global cloud that is the Covid-19 pandemic offered the world the glimpse of a silver lining this week. New tax proposals by Joe Biden mean that the economic emergency caused by coronavirus could result in big multinational corporations having to pay the fair amounts of tax they have Continue Reading

The Guardian view of Trump’s populism: weaponised and silenced by social media | Editorial | Opinion

Donald Trump’s incitement of a mob attack on the US Capitol was a watershed moment for free speech and the internet. Bans against both the US president and his prominent supporters have spread across social media as well as email and e-commerce services. Parler, a social network popular with neo-Nazis, Continue Reading

The Guardian view on trustbusting Google: change is needed | Google

When the US Department of Justice filed a complaint against Google last week it triggered the most significant antitrust case since the federal authorities sued Microsoft in the 1990s. Today’s trustbusters argue that Google’s search and advertising dominance goes well beyond consumer preference and into consumer abuse by forcing people Continue Reading

The Guardian view on Amazon’s dominance: we have to make different choices | Editorial | Opinion

It was hard to miss the fact that Amazon Prime had a sale this week. Newspapers and magazines covered the event as a celebration of consumption. This on top of a coronavirus pandemic that has accelerated the collapse of already struggling bricks-and-mortar retailers. It is not surprising that so many Continue Reading

The Guardian view on a Brexit industrial strategy: theatre but no policy | Editorial | Opinion

The collision of political rhetoric and commercial reality in Cambridge’s “Silicon Fen” threatens to expose the government’s industrial strategy for what it is: draping a union jack over the wilder edges of global capitalism. Earlier this summer, Boris Johnson sought new powers to block outsiders from picking up British firms, Continue Reading

The Guardian view on artificial intelligence’s revolution: learning but not as we know it | Editorial | Opinion

Bosses don’t often play down their products. Sam Altman, the CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, did just that when people went gaga over his company’s latest software: the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3). For some, GPT-3 represented a moment in which one scientific era ends and another is born. Continue Reading