Unpatched Virtual Machine Takeover Bug Affects Google Compute Engine – Tempemail

An unpatched security vulnerability affecting Google’s Compute Engine platform could be abused by an attacker to take over virtual machines over the network. “This is done by impersonating the metadata server from the targeted virtual machine’s point of view,” security researcher Imre Rad said in an analysis published Friday. “By Continue Reading

Dogecoin’s value tumbles after Elon Musk calls the virtual currency a ‘hustle’ | Cryptocurrencies

The price of dogecoin tumbled by as much as a third on Sunday, after billionaire Elon Musk, one of its biggest supporters, appeared to call the virtual currency a “hustle” while hosting Saturday Night Live. Cryptocurrency watchers had high expectations of what Tesla chief executive and crypto-enthusiast Musk, who has Continue Reading

Can virtual meeting spaces save us all from Zoom fatigue? | Technology

I’m playing online Pictionary while chatting with five people I’ve never met. This is not at all how I usually spend my Thursdays. We’ve all dropped into a virtual meeting space on a site called gather.town, which provides free customisable spaces for anyone who wants to organise a get-together without Continue Reading

‘Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere soon’: how to put your best Zoom face forward | Beauty

Thought we were a nation of narcissists pre-Covid? Well, a global pandemic has taken things to a whole new level. It’s safe to say nobody planned to spend quite so much of the past year staring at their own grainy reflection, but with everything from weddings to work meetings forced Continue Reading

PayPal is our Virtual Pal- Tempemail

In June, sixty-one hackers from thirteen countries gathered (virtually) to hack digital payments platform PayPal as part of Tempemail’s latest virtual hacking event, h1-2006. Hackers disclosed over 100 unique vulnerabilities over the course of two weeks and earned over $770,000 in bounties, making h1-2006 the second highest paying live hacking Continue Reading

Facebook sets out plan for ‘effortless’ virtual reality socialising | Facebook

Facebook has unveiled the first of a wave of virtual reality innovations that its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, hopes will allow for effective “teleportation” by the end of the decade. One experimental project aims to track hand movements using nervous signals read by a wristwatch, with the hope of one Continue Reading

Fit in my 40s: a virtual rave with sabers and songs – what’s not to like? | Life and style

When somebody suggested Beat Saber to me, I wasn’t interested. First, it looks rather intimidating from the demo videos: you’re inside a virtual reality headset, with a controller in each hand, which resembles a swishing lightsaber on your screen. You have to slice through bright blue and red blocks as Continue Reading

10 virtual tours of spectacular buildings around the world | Top 10s

While our lives have mostly shrunk to our own four walls – besides the sneak peek of others’ homes glimpsed via Zoom – we can still step into other worlds virtually. Stately homes and fortresses, from Blenheim Palace to Bran Castle (of Dracula fame) have opened digital portals allowing anyone Continue Reading

Commerce Giant Shopify Kicks Off 2021 with Tempemail (Virtual) Live Hacking Event: h1-2102- Tempemail

As one of the largest commerce platforms in the world, Shopify leads the industry when it comes to trust and security. Their long standing bug bounty program started on Tempemail in 2015 and consistently puts Shopify’s products and platform to the test, keeping their merchant and buyer data safe. The Continue Reading