4 Ways Webinars Can Shape the Future of Business | Tempemail

Sourced from the Institute of Entreperneurship Development The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people around the world into lockdown and social distancing to help control the spread of the virus. This public health crisis is also driving businesses to implement remote working to ensure business continuity. While adjusting to a Continue Reading

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Mobile Adware | Tempemail

One of the most common forms of cyberthreats designed to collect personal information from a user’s device is mobile adware. This is because roughly 4 billion people are connected to the Internet via their smartphone. Despite the adoption of mobile devices, companies rarely prioritize mobile security. Check Point’s Cyber Security Continue Reading

Covid 19: Embracing better ways of working in the new normal- Tempemail

Read Article By Alla Ganz, Partner at CAPCO, Global Business and Technology Consultancy COVID-19 has required firms to rapidly embrace remote working. This presents a unique opportunity to embed new ways of working in preparation for the ‘new normal’.Despite the existence of robust frameworks, strong employee demand and proven benefits, Continue Reading

Child abuse predator ‘handbook’ lists ways to target children during coronavirus lockdown | Online abuse

Child abusers have created and shared an online grooming manual describing ways to manipulate and exploit the increased number of children at home and online during Covid-19, Australia’s e-safety commissioner has said. Covid-19 restrictions have coincided with a significant increase in reports to the eSafety Office about child sexual abuse Continue Reading

Unable to plan for the long-term, Mars looks for other ways to stay relevant in lockdown- Tempemail

Keen to stay relevant by re-imagining its long-running ‘Light Side of Life’ campaign from lockdown, Mars’ Maltesers is working on a week-by-week basis with its ad agency AMV BBDO as long-term planning continues to be scuppered by the pandemic. “My ultimate aim is to get our brands into culture,” insists Continue Reading

6 Simple Ways to Help the Elderly Safely Connect Online during Lockdown | Tempemail

For the last few weeks, much has changed in our lives. People have been urged to only leave home if it is absolutely necessary, such as to shop for essential items or to seek medical care. However, there are plenty of technologies available to help us maintain the usual rhythm Continue Reading

Brands need to embrace change and act in culturally relevant ways, otherwise they could risk being forgotten if they’re too quiet warn creative luminaries- Tempemail

The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted consumer and marketer behavior, but does advertising still have an obligation to change the world for the better? Speaking to Tempemail during the Digital Transformation Festival, creatives from Adobe, VML Y&R and Publicis•Poke looked at how brands have responded to the crisis, and the role Continue Reading

7 Different Ways How You Can Use Your AI Chatbot- Tempemail

Read Article By Kuldeep Chaudhary CEO & Co-Founder, ADOHM Business professionals these days are looking for some advanced technologies to boost returns in the market. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its edge to establish solid connections with the audience around the world. One of the most advantageous solutions for growing Continue Reading