What’s driving the current wave of brand collaborations?- Tempemail

Interbrand’s Simon Cotterrell unpicks the sudden wave of rival and random brand collaborations currently vying for consumers’ attention. In this same month, 116 years ago, Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale – a ‘warm understanding’ between the two nations agreeing to settle their disputes and form alliance. It’s almost Continue Reading

Face Masks vs. Respirators – What’s the Difference? | Tempemail

South Africa’s health minister has advocated the widespread use of masks for all citizens and now just about everything from cloth masks to regulation N95 masks are in limited supply. Now more than ever should South Africans understand the capabilities of the masks they wear, the difference between them and Continue Reading

‘We want to flood media channels’: what’s next for the UN’s Covid-19 creative open brief- Tempemail

After its open brief to creatives generated more than 13,000 PSAs, the UN is now asking brand and media owners to get involved in coronavirus prevention and recovery by distributing the work across the globe. Dawda Jobarteh, global head of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Strategy Hub, has never Continue Reading

What’s a sports marketer to do when there is no sport?- Tempemail

It’s April. In football parlance, this is when the ‘business end’ of the season really begins: title-deciding matches, relegation battle ‘six-pointers’, the race for a lucrative top-four place or promotion – not to mention those thrilling cup games that sometimes go to extra time and even penalties. But, to borrow Continue Reading

Vox pop: What’s the best brand alignment with a sporting event?- Tempemail

Sports events are the ultimate prize for advertisers. Huge audiences at the very height of engagement and primed to pay attention to every single detail. As a result, brands typically pay huge sums to be associated with sporting events – but what’s been this best single example of that over Continue Reading

What’s the best tablet for video calling grandma? | Technology

I want to get my grandma a tablet for easy video calling. She is elderly and needs to self-isolate, and she is already quite isolated after the recent death of her husband. I am not sure which tablet or which program to use. She isn’t very computer literate. This new Continue Reading

What’s next for Houseparty, the social video app for the social distancing age?- Tempemail

‘Download Houseparty!’ is the ‘add me on Insta?’ of March 2020 – the social call to action of an international society living through isolation. While Zoom has emerged as the video conferencing system du jour for the 9-5 crowd (as well as the ‘Zoomers’), Houseparty has claimed the happy hour Continue Reading