First Malware Designed for Apple M1 Chip Discovered in the Wild – Tempemail

One of the first malware samples tailored to run natively on Apple’s M1 chips has been discovered, suggesting a new development that indicates that bad actors have begun adapting malicious software to target the company’s latest generation of Macs powered by its own processors. While the transition to Apple silicon Continue Reading

Gongbang videos: why the world has gone wild for 12-hour films of people studying | Work & careers- Tempemail

Name: Gongbang. Age: First reported in 2018, although it may have been going on for a decade before that. Appearance: An online video genre catering to a particular taste. I’ll bet. What’s in these videos? Unedited footage of people studying quietly, often for up to 12 hours. The name led Continue Reading

Teenagers will grow up to question exposure to ‘wild and dangerous’ social media, says children’s commissioner- Tempemail

Tech companies have a “cavalier” attitude when it comes to protecting young social media users, who will grow up to question their exposure to “wild and dangerous” online spaces, England’s children’s commissioner has said. Ann Longfield compared online dangers to driving without a seatbelt, adding that children will wonder how Continue Reading

Apple Warns of 3 iOS Zero-Day Security Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild – Tempemail

Apple on Tuesday released updates for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS with fixes for three security vulnerabilities that it says may have been actively exploited in the wild. Reported by an anonymous researcher, the three zero-day flaws — CVE-2021-1782, CVE-2021-1870, and CVE-2021-1871 — could have allowed an attacker to elevate privileges Continue Reading

Hitman 3 review – a wild bacchanalian backdrop to bloody escapades | Games

It is when I am shot by two armed guards while attempting to steal a banana from a desk that I realise Hitman is a game of contradictions. On one hand, it is a deadly serious assassination sim; on the other it is a slapstick comedy, where you can disguise Continue Reading

Google Maps postcode error leads delivery drivers on wild pizza chase | Consumer affairs

If Simon Borghs wanted to eat a takeaway pizza fresh out of the box, he would have to sit in the local park. Taking a taxi meant lengthy discussions with the driver to ensure that he got to his flat. Getting a delivery meant walking down the road with his Continue Reading

Google Discloses Windows Zero-Day Bug Exploited in the Wild – Tempemail

Google has disclosed details of a new zero-day privilege escalation flaw in the Windows operating system that’s being actively exploited in the wild. The elevation of privileges (EoP) vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-17087, concerns a buffer overflow present since at least Windows 7 in the Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver (“cng.sys”) that Continue Reading

TrickBot Linux Variants Active in the Wild Despite Recent Takedown – Tempemail

Efforts to disrupt TrickBot may have shut down most of its critical infrastructure, but the operators behind the notorious malware aren’t sitting idle. According to new findings shared by cybersecurity firm Netscout, TrickBot’s authors have moved portions of their code to Linux in an attempt to widen the scope of Continue Reading

New ‘MosaicRegressor’ UEFI Bootkit Malware Found Active in the Wild – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a rare kind of potentially dangerous malware that targets a machine’s booting process to drop persistent malware. The campaign involved the use of a compromised UEFI (or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) containing a malicious implant, making it the second known public case where a UEFI rootkit Continue Reading

Cisco Issues Warning Over IOS XR Zero-Day Flaw Being Targeted in the Wild – Tempemail

Cisco has warned of an active zero-day vulnerability in its router software that’s being exploited in the wild and could allow a remote, authenticated attacker to carry out memory exhaustion attacks on an affected device. “An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by sending crafted IGMP traffic to an affected device,” Continue Reading