‘Keep your whereabouts to yourself!’: Women discuss whether it is safe to share running routes online- Tempemail

Women are discussing whether there is a safe way to share their running routes and achievements with friends online after activist Gina Martin urged people not to post their run on social media. Martin, who successfully campaigned to make upskirting – taking photographs under someone’s clothing without their consent – Continue Reading

‘I blamed myself’: how stigma stops Arab women reporting online abuse | Global development

The first pornographic picture sent shivers of shock through Amal as she stared in horror at the phone screen. Until now, she had responded politely to the older man who had been messaging her on Facebook, hoping to deter his questions about her life with curt, one-word replies. More lurid Continue Reading

Why Silicon Valley’s most astute critics are all women | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

In November 2019, which now seems like an aeon ago, I wrote about an interesting correlation I had stumbled across. It was that the authors of the most insightful critiques of digital technology as deployed by the tech companies were women. I listed 20 of them and added that I Continue Reading

Victims in 84% of online grooming cases are girls | Society- Tempemail

Greater online protection for girls is urgently needed, say experts, after new analysis revealed that 84% of grooming offences recorded under a law that makes it illegal to send sexual messages to children involved female victims. It is the first time that the gender of victims in police records has Continue Reading

‘Reclaim These Streets’ and rubber duck rallies: human rights roundup – in pictures | Global development- Tempemail

A mural at a government clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, depicts, from right, the prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin; its health director general, Noor Hisham Abdullah, and a health worker. Human Rights Watch has urged the government to revoke its ‘fake news’ law, which makes it a criminal offence to create, Continue Reading

‘Just write STOP’: the teenager helping Polish women flee abuse | Sexual violence

In April 2020, weeks after Poland went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, Krysia Paszko, a 17-year-old high school pupil, watched a TV report about Europe’s surge in domestic violence cases, which had increased by up to 60% on 2019, according to the World Health Organization. Poland’s largest women’s rights centre, Continue Reading

Why women in India are flaunting ripped jeans- Tempemail

Indian women are flaunting pictures of themselves in ripped jeans on social media in response to a minister who said that wearing them leads to “societal breakdown”. The newly-sworn-in chief minister of Uttarakhand state in northern India, Tirath Singh Rawat, made the controversial comments at a workshop for the protection Continue Reading

Monkeys and eggplants: how do men and women use emojis differently? | Life and style- Tempemail

It’s 2021, and despite some great advances in space exploration, we are no closer to really knowing whether men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In fact, the growing consensus is that we’re all from Earth, and people are more complex than we usually give them credit for. Continue Reading

How can men support women against misogyny and violence?- Tempemail

The disappearance of Sarah Everard has prompted thousands of conversations on social media about the fears women have when they go out alone at night or after dark. Since Everard’s disappearance, local police have reportedly warned women not to go out alone at night in the area, which has resulted Continue Reading

No more phoney press releases. Women deserve more than a capitalist takeover of International Women’s Day- Tempemail

W hat does celebrating female empowerment mean in 2021? Here’s what my inbox says. It means buying a pillow with Frida Kahlo’s face on it for £45. It means feeling inspired by a bouquet of flowers containing one red rose as a reference to gender inequality. It means eating a Continue Reading