French think Boris Johnson is a ‘populist incapable of keeping his word’, diplomatic sources claim- Tempemail

Senior officials in the French government have concluded that Boris Johnson is a populist who plans to derail any progress in the post-Brexit relationship with the EU, a report has suggested. French sources told the Guardian this week that Emmanuel Macron’s government believes Mr Johnson is motivated by “short-term domestic Continue Reading

Cheugy: the word you need when passé or basic just won’t do | Social media- Tempemail

Name: Cheugy. Age: Eight. Appearance: You’ll know it when you see it. And if I don’t? Then you’re probably cheugy. Help me out here: what is “cheugy”? According to the New York Times, “it’s just the latest in a long line of niche identifiers that have gained traction on the Continue Reading

Microsoft Word to Introduce New Text Predictions Feature – Tempemail

Image sourced from Lifewire Microsoft is set to introduce text predictions for Word. This new feature is expected to help users write “more efficiently” by reducing spelling and grammar errors. According to Neowin, text predictions uses a Machine Learning model to “make suggestions based on the text typed by the Continue Reading

One hundred years since a hellish vision of technology spawned that fateful word: robot | Robots

“Listen Josef,” said the Czech playwright Karel Čapek to his brother. “I have an idea for a play.” Josef, an artist of some renown, was painting furiously and unimpressed by his brother’s intrusion. “What kind of play?” he asked, sharply. Karel set out the plot. In the future, humans have Continue Reading

Agency Growth Stories: Ecstasy of Gold on the grift and celebration of hard word- Tempemail

In its Agency Growth Stories series, The Future Factory interview some of the most interesting and successful agencies operating right now, to unpick and share how they began and how they’ve got to where they are now. Based in beautiful, light flooded warehouse space in Hackney, London, Ecstasy of Gold Continue Reading

Social media no longer tolerates toxic lies? Don’t believe a word of it | Opinion- Tempemail

The tech companies insist that the corona pandemic of 2020 will not be a repeat of the US presidential election of 2016. With millions of lives at stake, economies collapsing and hunger spreading, they will not rake in the advertising revenue generated by fake news and Russian disinformation this time Continue Reading

United Nations issues global call to creatives to help spread the word on the coronavirus- Tempemail

With the coronavirus spreading to all corners of the world, the United Nations is enlisting the help of creatives around the world in areas not yet overrun by the disease to avoid or minimize the outbreak. The United Nations, in its ‘Global Call to Creatives: An Open Brief from the Continue Reading

The F word: Why consumers can’t stop talking about finance brands- Tempemail

Forget the stereotype of Brits squirming at the idea of talking about money. Turns out, consumers love to talk about finance brands that are getting it right (and wrong). In November, YouGov published its list of the UK’s most recommended brands. Three of the top five are financial: Monzo, TransferWise Continue Reading

4 steps to mute a single word on Twitter – Tempemail

It’s common knowledge that Twitter users can avoid seeing posts or conversations from specific people or topics by muting them. However, it’s also possible to mute a specific word straight from the tweet – granted you’re using Twitter on Apple, see below: uh, here’s a tutorial 😂 — twhitney ☁️ Continue Reading