Leaked photos reveal TCL working on prototype smartphone from with a slide-out display

In brief: TCL planned on showing off a prototype smartphone at MWC that extends the main screen using a slide-out display. Unfortunately, MWC 2020 was canceled due to coronavirus fears, but some reportedly leaked photos show what we might be able to expect. As folding phones gain popularity, TCL is Continue Reading

Apple reportedly working on its own 5G antenna for 2020 iPhones

The big picture: 5G connectivity seems to be ready for prime time as the tech is widely expected to officially debut this fall on Apple’s trendsetting iPhones. While the 2020 models will be using the industry-standard Snapdragon X55 chip to boast faster network speeds (along with a higher price tag), Continue Reading

World Cancer Day: 5 Startups Working Towards Detecting Early Stage Cancer- Tempemail

Read Article The 4th of February is regarded as World Cancer Day, in light of which we tread on a few startups that are working to fight this horrific disease. An appalling figure of 22.5 lakhs cancer patients was recorded in 2018 by the Tempemail Insititute of Cancer Prevention and Continue Reading

Bungie thanks community for working together to solve the Corridor of Time puzzle

A big thanks: A huge team of Destiny 2 players spent hours solving an elaborate maze that was introduced to the game last week. This week Bungie acknowledged their efforts and revealed a little bit of the origins and development of the puzzle. It did not, however, apologize for what Continue Reading

Google is working to bring Valve’s Steam to Chromebooks

The big picture: Chromebooks aren’t known for being power punchers in the hardware department but that is expected to change, especially as AMD-powered Chromebooks trickle down into the market. The inability to run the latest games could end up being the effort’s biggest shortcoming but maybe enough casual / older Continue Reading

Mojo Vision is working on a contact lens with an embedded 14,000ppi display

Better vision through technology: The day is coming when people will be able to augment their vision with a heads-up display (HUD) or even correct impairments not currently treatable. Whether through glasses, contacts, or ocular implants, this technology is coming. Tech startup Mojo Vision is designing a contact lens with Continue Reading

Samsung could be working on 2nd-gen Galaxy Buds with improved battery life

Why it matters: Samsung broke into the AirPod-like wireless earbud game just a couple months ago with the launch of its ‘Galaxy Buds,’ but now, reports suggest a new version of the device is already on its way. This information comes from a recent set of Buds-related FCC documents filed Continue Reading

Apple reportedly working on satellite technology for its mobile devices

In brief: Apple is said to have its eyes set on the skies with a new project to build satellite technology that could provide wireless connectivity with iPhones, as well as better maps and location tracking. The company has already put together a small team to direct the new effort, Continue Reading

North Korean hackers are working with Eastern European cybercriminals: report – Security

North Korean state-backed hackers appear to be cooperating with Eastern European cybercriminals, a report said on Wednesday, a finding that suggests digital gangsters and state-backed spies are finding common ground online. Mountain View, California-based SentinelOne says that the Lazarus Group – which American prosecutors accuse of organizing the leak of Continue Reading

Apple sues former chip designer for breach of contract, working on chip startup Nuvia

A hot potato: Apple is suing former high-level chip designer Gerard Williams, who was in charge of A-series processors used in iPhones and iPads. Williams allegedly violated his contract and is exploiting Apple technology in his new venture. At the same time, the lawsuit reveals the Cupertino company illegally monitors Continue Reading