UK anti-fake news unit dealing with up to 10 false coronavirus articles a day | World news- Tempemail

Downing Street’s anti-fake news unit is dealing with up to 10 cases of misinformation about coronavirus a day as it emerged some articles are getting more views than all of those posted by the NHS put together. Oliver Dowden, the culture and digital secretary, said the government’s new rapid response Continue Reading

Report coronavirus ‘quack cures’ immediately, says UK government | World news

“Dangerous quack cures” for the coronavirus being shared online should be reported to social media companies immediately, the government has said. Lemon juice, liquid silver and hot water are among the remedies being suggested in anti-vaccination Facebook groups that have hundreds of thousands of followers. YouTube bloggers are also sharing Continue Reading

What the food and beverage industry can do to future-proof their business for a post-coronavirus world- Tempemail

As stricter social distancing measures for public venues and social activities are introduced by governments around the world to reduce the risk of further local transmission of the coronavirus, restaurants are forced to reduce their in-dining areas or stop operations altogether. They are turning to food delivery as a way Continue Reading

Plague Inc.’s new mode lets players save the world from a pandemic instead of destroying it

In a nutshell: Plague Inc., the strategy game that tasks players with creating a disease for wiping out humanity, might feel a little too close to reality right now, but it’s getting a new mode that’s a lot more optimistic: save the world from an outbreak instead of destroying it. Continue Reading

Xinja scores $433m from Dubai’s World Investments – Finance- Tempemail

Dubai’s World Investments is set to invest $433 million in Australian neobank Xinja over the next two years following the mobile-first startup’s rapid customer growth. Pending relevant approvals, Xinja will have access to $160 million immediately, with the remaining $273 million available in multiple tranches as needed to fuel and Continue Reading

3 Ways the World Would Be a Different Place Today Without IEEE’s Family of 802 Standards- Tempemail

Read Article You’re probably reading this article on your mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop computer. You might share this article to your social media channels using your favorite emoji in the caption, and then later you’ll video call with your brother-in-law to get his opinion on the topic. Continue Reading

WhatsApp in talks with NHS to set up coronavirus chatbot | World news- Tempemail

WhatsApp is in talks to set up a dedicated NHS chatbot to allow people to access basic information about the coronavirus pandemic, sources with knowledge of the discussions told the Guardian, as the messaging service seeks to shed its growing reputation as a hub for disinformation about the pandemic. Any Continue Reading

Self-isolating stars share washing and workout tips to stay in spotlight | World news- Tempemail

Variations on the adage that celebrities are just like us but with better hair, teeth and diets have been put to the test this week as a number of actors, singers and reality stars have made their way onto social media with content inspired by their time in quarantine. They Continue Reading

‘It’s impossible’: mother of four’s tirade about remote schooling | World news- Tempemail

Parents of school-aged children who are frustrated with being forced by coronavirus to supervise their education for potentially months on end have found their champion in a very cross Israeli mother. She rails on Instagram that, “It’s not working this distance learning thing. Seriously, it’s impossible, it’s crazy!” “You’ve finished Continue Reading

The future of creativity in a connected world- Tempemail

Interested in the future of creativity? download the report here Even though workloads are ever increasing and many employees are being tasked with doing more with less, only 36% of those in the creative industry are currently using tools or technology within their business to help workers collaborate more effectively. Continue Reading