Saudi Arabia: World’s top oil exporter targets net-zero emissions by 2060- Tempemail

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince said on Saturday that the world’s top oil exporter aims to reach net zero emissions of greenhouse gases – mostly produced by burning fossil fuels – by 2060, 10 years later than the US. He also said it would double the emissions cuts it plans to Continue Reading

Adele review, ‘Easy On Me’: The world’s finest chronicler of heartbreak returns with exposed wounds- Tempemail

Falling slowly and undramatically out of love with the father of your child, breaking up amicably, and buying him a house across the street from you is hardly standard fodder for a break-up ballad. But Adele has never really gone in for broad-strokes emotions. On “Easy On Me”, her first Continue Reading

Indian boy gets world’s most expensive medicine as parents raise £1.5m- Tempemail

A three-year-old boy from Hyderabad in India suffering from a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) has been treated with what is said to be the world’s most expensive drug after tens of thousands of donors responded to his parents’ crowdfunding plea to enable them to purchase it, The Continue Reading

No shame: the podcast taking on the Arab world’s sex and gender taboos | Podcasting

Rude, fault or blemish; flaw, disgrace or shame. The word has many shades, but nearly every woman who grows up in Arabic-speaking households knows its singular weight. “Anything related to women is eib,” says Tala El-Issa, from her home in Cairo. “If they want to talk about their bodies, it’s Continue Reading

Melinda Gates could become world’s second-richest woman | Bill Gates

Melinda Gates, a philanthropist and campaigner for female empowerment, could be about to become the world’s second-richest woman, with a fortune estimated at $73bn. In her divorce petition filed on Monday at King County superior court in Seattle, Washington, Melinda Gates stated that her marriage to multibillionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Continue Reading

Elon Musk no longer world’s richest person as Tesla shares fall | Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the maverick boss of Tesla, is no longer the world’s richest person after shares in the electric car company dropped 8.6% on Monday, wiping $15.2bn (£10.8bn) off his fortune. Musk, who last month leapfrogged Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to take the title of the world’s wealthiest person, dropped Continue Reading

Cryptocurrencies rise in popularity in world’s conflict zones | Bitcoin

People in the world’s major conflict zones are turning to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as soaring values and the backing of super-rich investors make them more attractive. Online searches for bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin have increased in Libya, Syria and Palestine, pushing aside the usual focus of interest in stock Continue Reading

Ukrainian Police Arrest Author of World’s Largest Phishing Service U-Admin – Tempemail

Law enforcement officials in Ukraine, in coordination with authorities from the U.S. and Australia, last week shut down one of the world’s largest phishing services that were used to attack financial institutions in 11 countries, causing tens of millions of dollars in losses. The Ukrainian attorney general’s office said it Continue Reading

European Authorities Disrupt Emotet — World’s Most Dangerous Malware – Tempemail

Law enforcement agencies from as many as eight countries dismantled the infrastructure of Emotet, a notorious email-based Windows malware behind several botnet-driven spam campaigns and ransomware attacks over the past decade. The coordinated takedown of the botnet on Tuesday — dubbed “Operation Ladybird” — is the result of a joint Continue Reading