Do cybercriminals play cyber games in quarantine? A look one year later- Tempemail

Last year, we decided to take a look at how the pandemic influenced the gaming industry and what new threats gamers could be facing. What we found was that, with the transition to remote work and remote learning, the number of blocked attempts to visit malicious game-related websites or follow Continue Reading

Saxo Bank Celebrates One Year of Bug Bounties: Q&A with CISO Mads Syska Hasling- Tempemail

One year after launching their private bug bounty program on Tempemail, we sat down with financial services provider Saxo Bank’s CISO, Mads Syska Hasling, to get his insights and learnings from 12 months with a bug bounty program. Read on to see how Saxo Bank thinks about digital security as Continue Reading

‘Self-driving’ cars could get green light for use on UK motorways this year | Self-driving cars

Motorists could legally allow their cars to “self-drive” on British motorways later this year – but only slowly, the government has announced. Drivers could soon be allowed to read a newspaper or watch a film via the car’s built-in screen in periods of slow-moving traffic, using automated lane-keeping system (Alks) Continue Reading

‘We needed to rescue the nation from despair’: culture’s year of Covid | Culture

‘Normally we’re a team of 120. Now we were seven’ Alex Jones, presenter, The One Show Within days of Covid coming along, we had to totally adapt our way of working. The studio and our office were transformed. Normally, we’re a team of 120 people. Suddenly there were only seven Continue Reading

COVID-19: Examining the threat landscape a year later- Tempemail

A year ago — everything changed. In an effort to stem the tide of a rapidly spreading pandemic, the world shut down. Shops were forced to shut their doors, and whole countries were placed on stringent lockdowns. Schools were closed around the world, with more than one billion children affected, Continue Reading

Attending school at a fast-food spot: 12m US students lack internet a year into pandemic | US education

The day her teenage daughter’s hair began to fall out, Eva Garcia knew the stress had become too much. For months, Kimberly Son Garcia had been getting bumped off Zoom classes and missing deadlines because of slow internet access. Until November, the Los Angeles family had grabbed wifi from the Continue Reading

One year on from Caroline Flack’s death, are we still ‘being kind’?- Tempemail

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This was the message posted by Caroline Flack on Instagram in December 2019. She died by suicide, one year ago today. The message – and resulting hashtag, #BeKind – was swiftly shared across social media in an outpouring of sympathy Continue Reading