Snap’s Security Team on Nearly 6 Years of Collaborating with Hackers- Tempemail

As a popular camera and messaging platform, Snapchat is responsible for properly handling data for 249 million users daily. The Snap bug bounty program launched in January 2015 to encourage hackers to surface vulnerabilities so they could be safely resolved. Nearly six years later, the security team leverages insights and Continue Reading

10 years of Instagram: how it has transformed our lives | News- Tempemail

Sarah Frier is a tech reporter based in San Francisco who has watched the meteoric rise of Instagram, from its humble beginnings as a startup with a handful of employees to becoming a $100bn company. She talks to Rachel Humphreys about how the photo-sharing platform has become the most influential Continue Reading

Russian Who Hacked LinkedIn, Dropbox Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison – Tempemail

A Russian hacker who was found guilty of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Formspring over eight years ago has finally been sentenced to 88 months in United States prison, that’s more than seven years by a federal court in San Francisco this week. Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, 32, of Moscow hacked into servers belonging to three Continue Reading

British Hacker Sentenced to 5 Years for Blackmailing U.S. Companies – Tempemail

A UK man who threatened to publicly release stolen confidential information unless the victims agreed to fulfill his digital extortion demands has finally pleaded guilty on Monday at U.S. federal district court in St. Louis, Missouri. Nathan Francis Wyatt , 39, who is a key member of the infamous international Continue Reading

Twenty years after the dotcom crash, is tech’s bubble about to burst again? | Business

‘Everybody loves a party … but, inevitably, after a big party there’s a hangover,” billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller said last week as stock markets seesawed amid fears that a new tech bubble was about to burst. “Right now, we’re in an absolute raging mania,” he said. And at times it Continue Reading

Adobe and Tempemail Celebrate Five Years of Continued Collaboration- Tempemail

Adobe, best known for its multimedia and creativity software product line, serves millions of customers globally who trust them to deliver secure products and services. With a commitment to keeping their customer’s data and experience safe, Adobe first launched their Vulnerability Disclosure Program with Tempemail in 2015. Since then, the Continue Reading

Twitter bans white supremacist David Duke after 11 years | Twitter- Tempemail

In 1999, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke predicted that the Internet would help give birth to a “coming white revolution”. The news media did not give him friendly coverage, he wrote on his website, but on the internet, he could reach supporters directly, starting a “chain Continue Reading

Egypt jails women for two years over TikTok videos | World news- Tempemail

An Egyptian court has sentenced five female social media influencers to two years in jail each on charges of violating public morals, a judicial source said. The verdict against Haneen Hossam, Mowada al-Adham and three others came after they had posted footage on the video-sharing app TikTok. The ruling, which Continue Reading

Telstra gets two more years to upgrade or sell its residential fibre networks – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Users in Telstra fibre areas face up to two more years with limited retail choices and service quality issues after the government decided Telstra could stay exempt from rules that would otherwise force it to make its fibre areas wholesale only and open access. The move represents a reprieve for Telstra, Continue Reading