Malware Attack on Aviation Sector Uncovered After Going Unnoticed for 2 Years – Tempemail

A targeted phishing campaign aimed at the aviation industry for two years may be spearheaded by a threat actor operating out of Nigeria, highlighting how attackers can carry out small-scale cyber offensives for extended periods of time while staying under the radar. Cisco Talos dubbed the malware attacks “Operation Layover,” Continue Reading

Jacqueline Hernandez: Florida woman found safe after being abducted 14 years ago when she was 6-years-old- Tempemail

A Florida girl who was abducted as a 6-year-old has been found safe and well after vanishing 14 years ago, say police. Jacqueline Hernandez, who disappeared in 2007 and is now 19, has been reunited with her mother. Ms Hernandez’ mother, Angelica Vences-Salgado, was “contacted via social media by a Continue Reading

Microsoft, Google to Invest $30 Billion in Cybersecurity Over Next 5 Years – Tempemail

Google and Microsoft said they are pledging to invest a total of $30 billion in cybersecurity advancements over the next five years, as the U.S. government partners with private sector companies to address threats facing the country in the wake of a string of sophisticated malicious cyber activity targeting critical Continue Reading

Hackers Posed as Aerobics Instructors for Years to Target Aerospace Employees – Tempemail

An Iranian cyberespionage group masqueraded as an aerobics instructor on Facebook in an attempt to infect the machine of an employee of an aerospace defense contractor with malware as part of years-long social engineering and targeted malware campaign. Enterprise security firm Proofpoint attributed the covert operation to a state-aligned threat Continue Reading

I banned mobile phones in my school 7 years ago – Gavin Williamson is right to do this nationally- Tempemail

Gavin Williamson’s announcement calling for a ban on phones in the classroom has pitted him against many headteachers. Many claim that this policy is a red herring, and that the government should be focussing on catching up on the lost learning from lockdown instead.  As an ex-headteacher myself, I completely Continue Reading

Man out of prison after five years responds to seeing famous memes for the first time- Tempemail

A former prisoner has gone viral on social media after he filmed himself reacting to famous memes from the five years he was in jail. The former prisoner, who identified himself as Morlock, appeared in a TikTok video on Monday reacting to memes including Harambe the gorilla and the fraudulently Continue Reading

Ferocious Kitten: 6 years of covert surveillance in Iran- Tempemail

Ferocious Kitten is an APT group that since at least 2015 has been targeting Persian-speaking individuals who appear to be based in Iran. Although it has been active for a long time, the group has mostly operated under the radar and has not been covered by security researchers to the Continue Reading

10 Years of Pentalog Cluj: The Right FIT – Fun, Innovation, and Tech- Tempemail

This year, June has a special place in my heart: Pentalog Cluj turns 10. It’s also my tenth year with Pentalog — what a ride it’s been! I’m talking about a decade filled with incredible memories and achievements and I’m grateful to all the colleagues who helped turn this dream Continue Reading

TikTok accidentally detected my ADHD. For 23 years everyone missed the warning signs | Matilda Boseley- Tempemail

It’s kind of embarrassing to say, but the social media app TikTok figured out I had ADHD before I did. For 23 years my parents, my teachers, my doctor, my psychologist and my own brain all missed the warning signs, yet somehow it only took that app’s algorithm a few Continue Reading