Prepare stories and invite a dog: eight tips for surviving a Zoom Christmas | Christmas

Set up a ‘Zoom room’ in your home Your laptop screen will be a window into your soul this holiday season, so take advantage of the opportunity to make your life appear under control. An upside to any global pandemic is that you don’t have to clean up for guests. Continue Reading

Zoom lifts 40-minute call limit on free accounts over Christmas | Zoom

Zoom is lifting limits on the free version of its videoconferencing software over the festive season to help families around the world socialise safely in the midst of the pandemic. Normally, free accounts are limited to 40-minute-long calls, which abruptly end at the time limit. Zoom has announced that those Continue Reading

Smart glasses and a bold jumper: how to dress for a Zoom call | Fashion

Well, here we are. Week 2,057 of working from home. How’s it going? Is your posture resembling a crumbling question mark yet? Have you become depressed because the biggest dilemma of your day will be which flavour crisp you’ll go for? Are you a millisecond from Googling “quickie divorces”? One Continue Reading

Locked Down: The Scariest Show You Will Never See review | Stage

We have been told to bring a blindfold and headphones for a “terrifying sonic experience” on Zoom. There’s a trigger warning of its “adult content” by a faceless voice called Master, who tells us that emotions will run high over the next two hours – so we can remove the Continue Reading

I got a new job in Melbourne’s lockdown, then lost it, and all on Zoom | Zoom

As a self-employed journalist, I’ve piloted through the bulk of the pandemic with government financial support and scraps of freelance work. But in the middle of Melbourne’s stage four lockdown, just a couple of months after 250 journalists were made redundant at the ABC, BuzzFeed News pulled out of Australia, Continue Reading

Zoom shares hit record high amid blowout earnings for second quarter | Technology

Zoom shares hit a record high on Monday as the company announced blowout earnings for the second quarter of 2020. The video conferencing platform has seen explosive growth in 2020, fueled by the increase of remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic. It made as much money in the past three Continue Reading

Ladies, don’t worry about Zoom face – the rapacious beauty industry is here to help | Women- Tempemail

If we date British lockdown to 23 March, it seems to have taken all of four weeks before video meetings were identified as the cause of “Zoom face”, a sort of reverse Narcissus experience whereby contemplation of your own face leads only to dissatisfaction and despair. On the other hand, Continue Reading

Working from home was the dream but is it turning into a nightmare? | John Naughton | Opinion

Remember when it was so exciting to be able to WFH – work from home? When your boss, instead of being grumpy and taking a grudging “well-if-you-must” attitude was suddenly insisting that you had to work remotely? And how refreshing that seemed at the beginning? No more dispiriting 90-minute commutes, Continue Reading

Researcher Demonstrates Several Zoom Vulnerabilities at DEF CON 28 – Tempemail

Popular video conferencing app Zoom has addressed several security vulnerabilities, two of which affect its Linux client that could have allowed an attacker with access to a compromised system to read and exfiltrate Zoom user data—and even run stealthy malware as a sub-process of a trusted application. According to cybersecurity Continue Reading