Taking advantage of disposable mail box to rent a flat in the Eastern Europe


It’s sensible that travelers have tendency to search for a cheap flat instead of expensive hotel room to minimize cost on traveling oversea. And the most popular channel to find these ideal room is via booking.com website. However, one thing should be noted is that the method to looking for a reasonable in the Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Russia and countries in CIS is almost different from those in the western Europe or USA due to a widespread of fake real estate agency.


For example, with key word on search tool: “rent a flat in Saint Petersberg”, thousands of results from homeowners with the best offer on a good flat or apartment for only 20.000-30.000 Rubles (300-400 USD).Actual, most of these ads are fake spam and posted by fake realtors. Therefore, to be able to rent a flat for a couple of weeks or months, it’s better to reach to the real ads or homeowners by yourself.

To rent a flat, taking these steps

  1. Use a disposable mail and open a temporary skype account

You don’t have to waste time to register a new email address which you even don’t know if still use in the future or not. We highly recommend you visit Tempemail.co, and a disposable mailbox will shortly be ready in your hand with no registration. Then your disposable email address wil be adhered on top of the page. Just click “Refresh” button all incoming emails will present.


But kindly be noted that all the emails will be deleted automatically after an hour, more than just enough for our jobs. A disposable email and registration on skype accounts will be the great way to protect your personal information from the person you are talking to, it is extremely helpful to keep away from spam and phishing (a trick of online fraud. Sooner or later, you will find out a real homeowner, just that time is the correct moment you can disclose your individual information.

  1. Search on Google or yahoo: “Forums for rent a flat in (enter here the city you desire to check-in)”. And why forums? Forums will be the best place good realtor or real homeowner usually discuss, as most of the advertisement boards is fake ads.
  2. Next step, using disposable email address to register on the found forums. Join the forums, express your demand of renting a flat for a long time. Your messages even are written by native language or use Google translate tools. Your post will be replied soon.
  3. Try to verify the reality of the flat by chatting, discussing with the homeowner, find out the conditions, ask them to send photo, video and any detail information of the estate: exact address, where the flat is placed, discuss more about term of payment, rental fee to make sure the posted photos are reliable.
  4. If the one is the truly homeowner, they will put all efforts to answer all your concerning and send the photo, video together with all the document to get your belief that they are real how owners.
  5. Try annoying the home owners the same question several days to test their patient, if being truly housekeepers, they will not hesitate to answer your question and with the same answer. In case of a scammer, he might pause and can’t be able to answer at the same way.
  6. If he is a real home owner, ask him to ask on skype, and show around their flat by video call.
  7. If all evidence makes sure that the home owners are reliable, it is time to proceed to book the flat and arrange for prepayment (yet should not exceed 10% of weekly rent). Now your actual information including address, phone number or skype account. When all done, you can delete the disposable email address which is supportive to your travelling trip.
    Above are simple to help you find an ideal flat in any city of Eastern Europe or CIS. However, everything has two side, if you choose saving money, it will contain additional risks, finally it is better to live in some expensive hotel first before finding out the best and reasonable flat you desire.

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