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With the evolution of technology, corporation have implemented the latest forms of the same, and it’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been playing a pivotal role. AI has helped in unlocking new insights, finding client-focused value, identifying customer behavior and also closing deals. 

That being said AI is also spearheading the B2B sales landscape, by helping in lead generation, discriminating between buyers and visitors, identifying special choices and enabling smart decision making.

Here’s a look at some of the B2B AI sales tool that are currently in vogue.


Cogito offers real-time cues to a sales representative so that he can understand the effective ways of talking to an individual consumer. Cogito also analyses the voice of the caller and helps in providing alerts to the representative using empathy, pace and tone of the caller. 

Additionally, Cogito also helps a representative to detect signs of frustration, the intent of purchasing or closing a deal amongst customers, and also tune in his style based on the alerts.

tact .ai is being made exclusively for representatives that act as a personal assistant and also completes admin work through chat, touch and voice. The tools’s assistant pulls in all available data on the command of a representative from the customer relationship management (CRM) system, email, calendar, legacy database and other scattered multiple systems.


DataFox was acquired by Oracle in 2018, and DataFox’s cloud-based artificial intelligence data engine derives business content from a set of company-level information and insightful data, in order to optimise business strategies. With the help of AI, DataFox upgrades the CRM system to help the sales team gain an understanding which account should they be going for. 


Along with its AI search engine, Reifer processes data and figures out the inaccurate information, without needing an additional code. Also, Reifer’s AI engine works much faster with a variety of data in different languages and also verifies accurate information like business names, address, customer names, and the like.


This tool enables a sales team representative to automate their workflows and also form an alignment with other teams like marketing and product management. Driving information from Salesforce and also process it for easy use with transforming it in a Slack channel.

It helps centralise for sales representative from a single point to publish auto report generation on Slack and also search for information about Salesforce customers. Lastly, Troops AI helps a representative to maintain their sales pipeline, since it automatically tracks Salesforce data. 

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