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With over 70 million conversations flying around social, it’s vital to have an understanding of the connections within these conversations. Failure to do so will result in the creation of unfocused and directionless content.

Understanding the mood of your customers and how they associate with holidays is key for content direction and messaging.

People are getting emotional

There’s lots of talk about ‘the feels’ this year with a focus on the emotions connected to family and friends. Love and words associated with positivity and happiness stand out most at the moment.

As a brand, failure to reflect the mood of your audience will hinder your success. A more considered language and a way to conjure images and words that include loved ones is necessary for success. Emotional connections are made through genuine content such as peer reviews, real pictures and real connections.

Expressing emotions around holiday is visual

Emojis are very much part of the language and it’s not just a case of popping a ✈️ or a ☀️ at the end of your tweet. Top of the emoji pile on twitter is and on Instagram it’s the ❤️. If used wisely, they will help your brand express emotion and get on the same page as your emotional audience. On top of that, you’ll come across less robotic, and in turn, be seen as a more trustworthy source of information. An important step in a time where many are turning to forums and dark social platforms to get the information they need.

Getting emotional across the channels

Your audience is active across multiple platforms. Don’t waste time throwing out the same copy and visuals across them all. Chances are you’ll be ignored. Tailor your language and imagery choice so you’re on the same page as your audience. Instagram feeds are full of adjectives relating to real life experiences.

Whereas Twitter explodes into life ‘in the moment’. Emotions are the key trigger with real time thoughts taking centre stage. Understand the differences and use them to your advantage.

Not quite ready to navigate your holiday content across the channels. Delve a little deeper into our travel marketing report for jet setting success on social. Download it here.

Warren Lumsden, account manager at Immediate Future.

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