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Bill Gates had said not too long ago that he thinks one of the most important perks that companies can give their employees is flexible work arrangements and Work From Homes (WFH). As per a new study from Harvard Business School, companies that let their employees work from anywhere, and work when they want to are found out to be more efficient in the long run.

Also, these days more and more employees are in favour of this kind of arrangement. Lets consider the latest study by the Harvard Business School. In a recent study, a professor compared how productive, loyal and cost-effective employees would be reacting if they were allowed to work flexibly. 

For this, the Government office was chosen as it had been implementing a wide-scale pilot program called the Telework Enhancement Act Pilot Program. This enabled some patent examiners to work from home, while others were in office. 

The results had shown a 4.4 percent higher productivity among those in the pilot program, compared to those who came to office. 

Apart from productivity, the program had also led to a $132 million in additional fee revenue, a 4.4 percent reduction in recruiting and hiring costs, and also a savings of $38.2 million on office space and related expenses. 

Here are a few factors to be considered before assigning employees to work remotely:

It’s a no-brainer that if you can’t trust people, they wouldn’t be working for you. Thus it’s of extreme importance to let trust dominate the employer-employee relationship.

In case you are into the restaurant business, or a store, where a lot of customer interaction is required, working remotely is a hard thing to consider. However, there are might avenues where people can just work from home.

  • Can The Process Be Eased? 

During the times of Emergency as this, everyone has opted to work remotely. However, during normal times, if everyone would be changing gears, then things might not be fruitful.

It’s advisable to try out first. 

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