Write emails can harm your career


Write emails can harm your career


The way you write emails can harm your career is said by Julie Sweet, CEO of a $16 billion business, Accenture’s North America and supervises more than 50,000 workers.

She is knowledgeable about the important skills in the business world.

Investing on excellent communication skills both face-to-face and in writing like using email would be the best investment for a staff is said by Sweet.

The investing communication skills that is key to career progress is usually underestimated, she said.

Bosses always know whether their employees communicate well or not.

An employee who write succinct and to the point emails are valued and others who don’t may lose their career prospects is said by Sweet. She tells that she practices every year to improve her communication skills.

Experts suggest you to follow these recommendations to make your communication skills better

Sit up or stand up straight while speaking

Do not speak quickly or in a higher tone

To organize your thoughts, take notes before speaking

Keep the message to the point when you write an email

Lots of employees do not get a formal email writing training since it is the same as with face to face communication in person, isn’t it?

Not exactly.

The way you write emails may benefit or pull back your career.

We are listing the suggestions of career experts below:

  1. Do not spread rumors

Experts say that if you gossip via mail it may create the grounds for termination as well as being amateurish. You shouldn’t write any bad remarks about others in the company or the company itself in your email. You may be shocked how fast it spreads if you don’t take this advice.

  1. Do not digress

Getting to the point when you are writing business mails. The most significant message should be on top.

You should write a draft and edit it for this occasion. Emails should not be longer than one or two paragraphs because it can fatigued the receiver.

  1. No personal business

Your time is the company’s property. Don’t perform any private business with your email. This is both wrong and can get you in trouble.

  1. Don’t criticize

The emotional interpersonal problems should be resolved face-to-face. So, you shouldn’t criticize other people in emails especially in group mails

There is a rule called the “the headline rule”. Perhaps you don’t want your email will be the headline of the newspapers of the following day. If yes, do you feel good about it? If you’re saying no, consider hitting the send button!

  1. Do not send mail when you’re sentimental

If you send emails when you’re emotional, anger peaks may cause unintended messages and unwanted results. You shouldn’t send emails when you are frustrated, tired or hungry. You should control your psychological state before sending mails.

You can regain your solid mental state by getting away from your desk or walking or having some fresh air.

  1. No jokes on work emails

Jokes can cause misunderstandings via email. Rachel Beohm coach and trainer at FORTE, a non-verbal communication coaching company says there’re definite sorts of messages which don’t translate well in mails. With lack of eye contact and voice tone and gestures, sarcasm may be misinterpreted.


Do not write anything offensive against a person’s religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, he says. These could cause make you lose your job.

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